Top 14 Best Conversational Customer Service Chatbot for Business

Chatbots can certainly help to improve customer satisfaction by providing quick and efficient support through human-like conversation. With their ability to respond in real-time, chatbots can provide instant clarification and resolution to customer inquiries, reducing wait times and frustration.

Additionally, chatbots can gather information and route inquiries to the appropriate department, ensuring that customers receive accurate and relevant information. When implemented effectively, chatbots can lead to higher customer satisfaction and success rates.

How Do Chatbots Work?

The best chatbots typically work using a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques. NLP helps the chatbot understand the human language and interpret the user’s intent, while ML enables the chatbot to learn from past conversations and improve its responses over time.

Some popular chatbot models include Retrieval-based models, Generative models and Hybrid models, which combine elements of both. The quality of a chatbot also depends on the quality of the training data and the design of the conversational flow.

14 Best AI-Powered Customer Communication Chatbots Online:

  1. Intercom
  2. Drift
  3. Meya
  4. Aivo
  5. Mindsay
  6. ManyChat
  7. It’sAlive
  8. Flow XO
  9. Botsify
  10. Custom Chatbot Builder by Hubspot
  11. Bold360
  12. Chatfuel
  13. Ada
  14. Xenioo

1. Intercom:

Intercom is a customer communications platform that helps businesses communicate with their customers in real-time, across multiple channels. It provides tools for customer support, sales, and engagement, with the goal of improving customer experiences and increasing customer loyalty.

By integrating messaging and automation, Intercom enables businesses to offer personalized and efficient customer support, helping to improve the customer experience and build stronger relationships. With its powerful features, Intercom is helping to redefine the traditional approach to customer service.

Intercom provides businesses with a way to understand their customers better by providing insights into customer behavior and engagement. This information can be used to create targeted and personalized communications, including messages, content, and support conversations, that are tailored to the individual customer’s needs and preferences. The goal is to improve the overall customer experience and build stronger relationships with customers.

2. Drift:

Drift is a conversational marketing and sales platform, also known as the Conversation Cloud. It helps businesses connect with customers through various channels, including chat, email, video, and others. The goal of Drift is to provide businesses with a way to engage with customers in real-time, in the moments that matter most, and to build stronger relationships with them through personalized and relevant conversations. By using Drift, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and drive more sales.

Personalized and human interactions with customers can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. By using a customer communication platform such as Intercom or Drift, businesses can provide their customers with personalized and human experiences, even if the interactions are through automated messaging or chatbots. By ensuring that every conversation feels warm and personalized, businesses can build stronger relationships with their customers and improve the overall customer experience.

3. Meya:

Meya is a customer experience (CX) automation platform that helps businesses provide better customer service and support through conversational interfaces. Meya enables organizations to create and deploy conversational experiences across multiple channels, including websites, mobile apps, and others, to help customers find the information they need and get their questions answered quickly and efficiently. By automating customer interactions, Meya aims to improve the overall customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Most importantly, it provides businesses with the flexibility and versatility they need to create custom chatbot experiences. Meya allows businesses to connect with any system, script any flow, and code any component, giving them complete control over the design and functionality of their chatbots. This makes Meya an ideal solution for businesses that require a high level of customization and integration with their existing systems and workflows. The goal of Meya is to make it easy for businesses to create and deploy effective and engaging chatbots that can improve the customer experience and drive business results.

4. Aivo:

Aivo is an AI-powered customer experience platform that helps businesses automate conversational journeys for their customers. By using artificial intelligence, Aivo enables businesses to turn customer conversations into immediate solutions, providing quick and efficient customer support. The platform’s AI algorithms can understand customer requests and provide relevant responses, improving the overall customer experience and reducing response times. The goal of Aivo is to provide businesses with a powerful solution for automating customer interactions and delivering better customer experiences.

Aivo’s conversational AI is designed to understand how customers express themselves, regardless of the specific language or symbols they use. The platform’s AI algorithms are capable of recognizing and processing various forms of customer communication, including natural language, emojis, and other forms of expression. This allows businesses to provide more effective and relevant customer support, improving the overall customer experience. The goal of Aivo’s conversational AI is to make it easier for businesses to understand and respond to customer needs in real-time, leading to improved customer satisfaction and stronger relationships.

5. Mindsay:

Mindsay’s chatbots are designed to work across multiple channels including website chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and others. This platform integrates with popular customer service tools like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Shopify. The chatbots built on Mindsay are designed to understand customer questions and provide accurate answers in real-time. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you don’t need any coding experience to create and customize a chatbot for your business.

Mindsay’s platform offers a wide range of functionalities, including natural language processing, pre-built templates, and the ability to handle multiple languages. Additionally, the platform provides robust analytics and reporting features, enabling businesses to measure and optimize their chatbot performance.

6. ManyChat:

ManyChat is a conversational marketing platform that enables businesses to automate interactive conversations on platforms such as Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. By automating these conversations, businesses can provide personalized and relevant interactions with their customers, helping to improve the customer experience and build brand awareness. With its powerful features, ManyChat aims to help businesses grow their brand and reach more customers through conversational marketing.

Moreovrer, ManyChat states that their customers have seen click-through rates (CTR) that are 130% higher than the industry average when using the platform for conversational marketing. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that the actual CTR will vary depending on various factors, such as the specific industry, target audience, and marketing goals. Nevertheless, CTR is a key metric that can help businesses gauge the success of their marketing efforts, and if ManyChat’s customers are indeed experiencing higher CTR rates than the industry average, it could be a sign of the platform’s effectiveness.

7. It’sAlive:

It’sAlive provides a chatbot builder with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that lets you create a bot without any technical skills. Additionally, It’s Alive offers a feature called “in-line editor”, which lets you modify the logic of the bot during live conversations, so you can quickly and easily adapt to changing customer needs. The chatbot can be integrated with popular platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack, and it also includes a ticketing system for keeping track of customer inquiries.

This feature allows businesses to keep customers engaged and informed, even after a live chat session has ended. It’s Alive chatbot’s combination of live chat and automation provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to improve their customer engagement.

8. Flow XO

Flow XO is a user-friendly and feature-rich AI chatbot platform that enables businesses and individuals to build online chatbots without needing to write code. Flow XO provides a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for anyone to create and deploy chatbots for a variety of use cases, such as customer service, lead generation, and e-commerce. With its powerful features and flexible platform, Flow XO aims to make it easy for anyone to create and launch effective chatbots that can improve the customer experience and drive business results.

Flow XO aims to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses to communicate and engage with their customers across a wide range of platforms, including websites, applications, and social media. By integrating with multiple channels, Flow XO helps businesses to reach their customers wherever they are, providing a seamless and consistent customer experience. The platform’s AI chatbots can automate customer interactions, freeing up human agents to handle more complex inquiries, and allowing businesses to provide faster and more effective customer support. Overall, Flow XO aims to help businesses improve the customer experience and drive better business outcomes through the power of conversational AI.

9. Botsify:

Botsify’s chatbot can be integrated with a number of other tools and platforms, such as Slack, Shopify, Zendesk, and more. This allows your team to easily access chatbot data and get an overview of how the chatbot is performing. The bot also uses natural language processing to personalize customer interactions and make the chat experience more human-like.

This way, you can gain insights into the effectiveness of the chatbot and make changes to optimize customer experience. Additionally, the ability to intervene immediately gives your team the control to resolve any situations where the chatbot is unable to answer customer questions.

Thus, by collecting data from feedback surveys, customer interactions, and other sources, companies can use that information to improve and personalize their customer experiences through chatbots. This helps to provide a more seamless and efficient experience for customers.

10. Custom Chatbot Builder by Hubspot:

HubBot is a free chatbot tool offered by HubSpot as part of its customer service offering. It provides a variety of features, including booking meetings for reps, linking to support articles, integration with a ticketing system, and the ability to save chats to contact records in the HubSpot CRM. This allows you to improve the customer experience, automate routine tasks, and streamline your support operations. Additionally, HubBot’s integration with HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs enables you to trigger workflows and track the success of your chatbot interactions.

11. Bold360:

Bold360’s chatbot uses NLP to understand and respond to customer inquiries in a natural and personalized way. It’s designed to provide real-time support, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce response times. The chatbot’s ability to learn and adapt with each interaction makes it an efficient and effective solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer support.

Bold360 Suite also offers robust analytics, real-time visitor insights, and advanced reporting capabilities, allowing you to track chat performance, improve customer satisfaction, and measure the overall impact of your chatbot and live-agent engagement. The Suite also integrates with popular CRMs and other business tools, making it an all-in-one solution for customer engagement and support.

12. Chatfuel:

Chatfuel makes it simple to create a chatbot for your business. Its drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates allow you to create a bot in just a few minutes. The bot can be trained to handle a variety of tasks, such as answering FAQs, booking appointments, and guiding customers through the purchasing process. Chatfuel also offers advanced features, such as personalized experiences based on customer data and natural language processing capabilities, making it a versatile tool for businesses looking to improve customer engagement.

Chatfuel allows you to create chatbots using a visual interface without needing to know how to code. It offers pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop interface to create chatbot workflows and integrate with popular platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, and Viber. The bots you create can perform a wide range of tasks, such as answering customer questions, helping customers find products, and collecting customer information.

13. Ada:

Ada is an AI-powered customer service automation platform that helps businesses resolve customer support interactions with greater efficiency. Ada’s AI algorithms can automatically handle a wide range of customer inquiries, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex tasks. The platform supports multiple languages and channels, allowing businesses to provide customer service in the way that best meets the needs of their customers. By automating customer service interactions, Ada aims to help businesses improve the customer experience, reduce support costs, and drive better business results. With its powerful AI capabilities and flexible platform, Ada is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer service operations.

Ada’s analytics help you understand how well the chatbot is performing, identify areas for improvement, and optimize customer experiences. Additionally, the platform provides real-time insights and alerts to help your team respond to issues quickly and effectively. These features help you stay on top of customer needs and ensure that your chatbot is working optimally at all times.

This data from Ada’s chatbot can provide valuable insights to help improve customer satisfaction and streamline the chatbot’s performance. Regular analysis of these metrics can lead to continuous improvement of the chatbot and enhance the overall customer experience.

14. Xenioo:

Xenioo allows you to create advanced conversational flows, integrate with external APIs and services, and customize the look and feel of the chatbot to match your brand. With its drag-and-drop interface, users can quickly and easily build complex conversational experiences that are both functional and visually appealing. Xenioo also offers advanced analytics, enabling you to track and measure the performance of your chatbot over time.

In addition to its wide range of chat interfaces, Xenioo also has a powerful no-code interface that makes it easy to build complex chatbots with features like Natural Language Processing, dynamic content, and integrated third-party services. Xenioo’s drag-and-drop interface, along with its pre-built templates, makes it a great option for businesses of all sizes looking to improve their customer engagement

Final Words:

Chatbots can complement human customer service representatives, but they should not completely replace the human experience. Moreover, Chatbots can automate routine tasks and provide quick responses, freeing up time for human reps to handle more complex issues. However, chatbots should be used responsibly and monitored to ensure they are providing accurate and helpful information to customers.

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