What Are the Daily Scrum Questions in Standup Meeting?

What Are the Daily Scrum Questions in Standup Meeting?

Each team member must answer the daily scrum questions. It is like “only one person talks at a time”. The member reports his or her work status and further plans for the day.

Everyone else listens.

There shouldn’t be any side conversation.

The scrum master goes around the room and asks each member to answers these three questions.

Daily Scrum Questions in Standup Meeting:

The daily scrum questions that each team member must answer in the standup meeting must include:

Question 1: What have you done on the last day?

This question is addressed by all scrum team members. They answer briefly about what work they have done in the last 24 hours. Or the previous working day if there was a weekend.

Team members only mention the things that they have done related to their team, and the job card assigned in the current sprint.

If the team members are doing other than the work they had planned to do in the sprint, it is called an impediment. Anything not related to the team’s work is known as an impediment.

Question 2: What will you do today i.e. today’s work plan?

This is a question that only to the sprint activities and the specific team. What is each member planning to work on today?

The work a team member plans to do should match the work that has been planned by the team during the sprint planning meeting.

If team members state that they are going to do work other than planned, they must clarify it.

The team might need to meet after the daily scrum to talk about the new work.

Getting answers to these questions will help the team and management assess whether the work proceeds smoothly, or any modifications are needed.

Question 3: Where do you get stuck?

If a team member is facing some issues in work, or if he is stuck may be due to any reason, he must clearly specify what got on his way. That is to say, what is getting in the way of the team?

Each team member has planned and committed to a goal and is empirically figuring out the work to meet the goal.

What is slowing down individual team members? Although team members who have worked within the organization are used to its culture and style.

The scrum master must emphasize what could help the team be more productive.

Role of Scrum Master in Daily Scrum Stand-ups

In addition to all roles and responsibilities of the scrum master,  ensures that the daily scrum goes well.

If any team member works remotely, they can set up a conference phone or video calling before the meeting starts.

Scrum master works to minimize any distractions that occur during the meeting so that everyone stays focused. Most importantly, the meeting must be kept short.

For instance, a good scrum master might even set up the sitting arrangement so that the team does not catch up in conversation while moving the chairs.

Mostly, the scrum master’s job is to increase the productivity of the team in any way possible.

How should team members answer the daily scrum question in the standup meeting?

The team members should keep their responses to the daily scrum questions brief and to the point. It must not include technical in-depth answers.

The ideal duration of daily standups is 15 minutes.

The team shouldn’t elaborate on how the work was done or will be done unless they highlight the help they need. For instance, a team member may report that he or she intends to complete implementing a feature in a module, but having difficulty in understanding how the algorithm works. Or the team may report that they are getting a bug that causes the crashing of the system. This is noted as an impediment that the scrum master with the help of the product owner(in some cases) tries to solve the issue.


The daily scrum is not a planning or a working session. The team shouldn’t discuss the design, analysis, and architecture or start to solve a problem.

There isn’t enough time or flexibility in the daily scrum to begin working through issues of high magnitude.

By limiting the meeting’s scope the scrum master can keep the duration in check and constant. If the scope of the daily scrum extends, it becomes a planning or review meeting.

That will lead to more time on meetings and less on work.

Related Questions:

What things to include daily scrum meeting agenda template?

The Daily Scrum Meeting Agenda Template includes a grid with columns for each of the following:

  1. What was accomplished since the last meeting?
  2. What will the team do before the next meeting?
  3. What is getting in the way of progress?
  4. What is being done to overcome the obstacle?
  5. What is the team’s biggest risk?
  6. What was learned?
  7. What will the team do next?

What is daily scrum meeting format?

A daily scrum meeting format is a simple way to keep a team on track. In a daily scrum meeting format, the team gathers in a circle and each person shares three things: what they did the day before, what they plan to do today, and what is blocking them from getting their work done. The meeting is done in a “stand up” style, where everyone is standing up. This format allows for more efficient meetings because the time is limited. The team leader should keep the meeting moving by asking questions about the three topics shared by the team members. They should also remind the team members of their responsibilities and get updates on those tasks. The daily scrum meeting format is a simple way to keep a team on track. It provides a constant stream of information that the team can use to make decisions and make changes to the product.

How long is the daily scrum meeting?

The daily scrum meeting is about 15 minutes long. The meeting is a quick, daily stand-up to let everyone know what they did the day before, what they plan to do today, and any roadblocks that have come up. It is a way to keep everyone in the loop and on the same page.

What is the purpose of daily scrum meeting?

The purpose of the daily scrum meeting is to give team members an opportunity to quickly get on the same page about what they have accomplished, what they are working on, and what they need help with.

Who all participate in daily scrum meeting?

The members who will participate in daily scrum meeting are the scrum master, product owner, development team, and any other stakeholders. The product owner is the person who decides what the team will work on next. The development team is the group of people who build the product.

Who should mandatorily attend the daily scrum meeting?

It is mandatory for the team to attend the daily scrum meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to communicate progress and to plan the next steps of the project. Every team member is expected to give a brief update on what they have been working on and what they plan to do next.

Are business analysts included in daily scrum meeting?

Business analysts are not included in daily scrum meetings. They are responsible for providing high-level oversight of the scrum process and the various teams, but are not expected to participate in the daily scrum meetings.

Why do we need daily scrum meeting template excel?

A daily scrum meeting template excel is a great way to organize a team’s daily meetings. It can be used to make sure that each team member has a chance to speak and be heard. It also helps with making sure that the team is on the same page and that they are all working towards the same goal. As a result, it makes easier to see what each team member has been working on and what they have been successful with.

What is the daily scrum meeting agenda?

The agenda for a daily scrum meeting is to identify what the team has accomplished, what they are working on, and what they will work on next. It is also a time to ask questions, give feedback, and identify roadblocks.

How to run daily scrum meeting?

Scrum master runs the daily scrum meeting. In a daily scrum meeting, the team gathers to discuss what has been accomplished since the last meeting, what they plan to work on next, and any obstacles they are currently facing. This meeting should be conducted every day, at the same time and place, so that the team can work together and build trust. This meeting should be conducted every day, at the same time and place, so that the team can work together and build trust.

What are daily scrum meeting questions?

The daily scrum meeting is a time-boxed meeting of 15 minutes or less, where the team answers three questions: What did you do yesterday? What will you do today? What obstacles are in your way? It is a short, structured meeting that can be used to keep everyone in the loop on what is happening in the team.

What is discussed in daily scrum meeting?

In a scrum meeting, team members discuss what they did yesterday, what they plan to do today, and any roadblocks they are encountering. The meeting also includes a quick review of the project’s progress and a retrospective of the past week.

What is the daily scrum meeting checklist?

The daily scrum meeting checklist is an easy way to stay on top of your tasks. The meeting starts with a quick round of introductions. Next, the team will take turns discussing what they have completed, what they are working on, and what they plan to do next. They will then share the product owner’s priorities for the day. Finally, the team will talk about any blockers or impediments that have come up. The meeting should last no more than 15 minutes.

What is scrum daily standup meeting?

Every day, the team meets for a short meeting to discuss the work that has been completed, work that is still in progress, and any obstacles that may be preventing progress. It is called scrum daily stand up meeting. The meeting is facilitated by the scrum master, who is responsible for keeping the meeting on track and moving forward.

What is the most recognized Scrum certification?

The most recognized Scrum certification is provided by Scrum Alliance. It is the largest, and the most influential certification for scrum masters.

How to calculate capacity in scrum?

The best way to calculate capacity in scrum is by hours. It gives better visibility and accuracy.

Who is on the scrum team?

In an IT  industry, the scrum team should have at least one experienced engineer to mentor junior engineers, quality assurance testers, and a technical writer for documentation. The maximum number of team members should be six, who are responsible for doing analysis, design, coding, testing, and user documentation.

How long does it take to get scrum master certification?

Two days is the minimum time taken to get scrum master certification from Scrum Alliance. However, it varies with the SEU(Scrum Education Units) and PDU(Professional Development Units) associated with the course.

What is the scrum process?

The scrum process includes product backlog which has a prioritized list of all product requirements. The product owner sorts the backlog based on high, medium, or low priority. The product backlog can come from users, customers sales, marketing, customer services, etc. The team works according to the assigned user stories which is delivered by the end of the sprint in the sprint review meeting.

How much does a certified scrum master make?

As per LinkedIn, the base salary of a certified scrum master in the United States is $1,00,000.

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