What is Form Board Survey and How to Do It?

What is Form Board Survey and How to Do It?

Form board survey is one of the types of survey which is a part of building construction. You want to construct a house or a building. You cannot simply pour the concrete randomly with no support to get your foundations, walls, slabs and beams in the right shape. It will just flow away like mud. So, you need some kind of support, mold, frame, or a container that is aligned or shaped as per your building plan. It keeps concrete in place until it cures and ultimately following the building plan. So, the definition of form board survey is:

What is Form Board Survey? A survey conducted to locate and mark the exact location, length, width, height, and shape of the form board as per the building plan, or property lines. A form board is a temporary structure mostly of wood to hold concrete or used as a temporary fence to make the property lines.

Form Board vs Scaffolding:

Both form survey and scaffolding come with dedicated drawings for installation. So, the differences between form board and scaffolding are as  follows:

Form board surface and scaffolding are both artificial structures used during construction. But they have different use cases. Form board acts as a container to hold concrete until it cures. After curing is over, it is removed. Whereas scaffolding is an artificial structure used to support the workmen or crew to aid in construction and maintenance work. To summarize, scaffolding is used to support the workmen, and the form board is an artificial frame to hold concrete.

Form boards are mainly used during building construction. Whereas scaffolding can be used during construction and post-construction maintenance like cleaning of glass for high-rise buildings, and repair work.

Steps to Do Form Board Survey:

Follow the steps below to conduct a form board survey.

Step 1: Contact a Surveyor:

You need to contract a surveyor who can mark the exact location of the building you want to construct. They use total station or theodolite to measure the elevation or depression, reference points, examine and record on-site data to make maps and plans for your building. It needs skill and knowledge to make an outline of the property area with other site details.

Step 2: Construction of Wood forms:

If you approach a contractor who does all work, it would be convenient. However, it would be budget-friendly if you individually take the responsibility. However, it may be tedious to handle things individually. So, let us get to the point.

As we discussed in step 1, after the surveyor prepares the plan, approach a contractor, craftsman, or do it yourself. Construct the wood frames and for pouring the concrete into the foundation. Install it at the right location as notified by the surveyor.

Step 3: Verification by the surveyor:

After you have laid the form board, the surveyor needs to verify and check whether they are in the correct location. Next, the surveyor will provide you a “Form Survey Report”. You need to present this report to the government entity. Finally, you are granted permission to start the foundation work.


Form board survey is one of the preliminary construction jobs. It involves surveying and marking exact property lines, boundaries, locate foundations, walls, etc. Therefore, the construction of a structure needs full-proof planning before implementation.

Related Questions:

What does the form board survey cost?

The form board survey cost depends upon the charges levied by the surveyor which is around $500 to $600. All it depends upon your geolocation or the national average.

What is form board made of?

Form board is made of wood fibers with inner layers of polystyrene or polyurethane foam. Generally, it is also available in wood lumbers.

Should we use plywood for concrete foams?

Plywood is the best material for building concrete forms. It helps retain the shape and integrity of concrete until it is fully cured or dried.

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