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Top 06 ScreenCloud Alternatives Digital Signage Software

ScreenCloud is a cloud-based digital signage software solution that simplifies the display of content on any screen. Whether it is an advertisement or a piece of information, digital signage solutions pair with the digital players through Wi-Fi or other networks to display the content remotely.

Have you seen those digital posters at shopping malls, menu boards at restaurants, and billboards on highways you witness every day? They are all part of a digital signage network. Digital signage software helps you turn your electronic display screens into digital signs.

From creating your own playlists, uploading content, or displaying live Twitter and Instagram feeds, ScreenCloud is phenomenal as compared to other services. However, due to limited functionality in synchronized playback and overall high pricing than its competitors, people are searching for the best alternatives to ScreenCloud.

Best ScreenCloud Alternatives:

People who searched for ScreenCloud are also looking for:

  1. Digital Signage
  2. Embed
  3. Scala
  4. Onsign TV
  5. Yodeck
  6. Play Digital Signage

1. Digital Signage:

DigitalSignage software

Digital Signage is free open-source software. It allows you to build your own presentation on your PC(web and desktop versions). You can display it on an unlimited number of screens. You can build elaborate campaigns using RSS feed, LiveTV, MRSS, animation, weather, and much more.

The full remote access allows you to control digital signage displays with iPhones, iPads, Andriod, Windows, Linux, and Mac versions.


  • Non-enterprise version: Free
  • Enterprise version: $49 per month or $895 one time payment
  • The enterprise versions receive unlimited storage for videos, animation, and images. While the non-enterprise(free) version can store up to 1 Gigabyte.


  • 100% free software
  • Easy to Use
  • Full remote access
  • Lots of free templates, menus, vector-based backgrounds, carousels, etc to create advertisements
  • Continuous updates


  • Occasional bugs

Official website: Digital Signage

2. Embed:

Embed Digital Signage Software

Embed signage is cloud based Digital Signage Software.

It is the best solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want to engage their customers with an eye-catching digital signage solution.

The software is available on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. All browser-based solution that is flexible and accessible from anywhere. You can create layouts from any browser and publish them to any player.

With this software, businesses can send a single message to all of their digital screens at once.

Embed can be used for advertising, promotions, and announcements.


The price starts at $185/user per year.


  • Saas-based software. No hassle of installation and software maintenance.
  • Easy to use
  • Publish to any digital signage player
  • User-friendly UI
  • Robust digital signage platform hosted with Rackspace


  • Difficult to manage from mobile devices
  • Creating layouts is time-consuming

Official website: Embed

3. Scala:

Scala Digital Signage software

Scala is one of the most proficient digital signage platforms. It allows you to create simple and interactive presentations that allow you to display on multiple screens such as electronic display boards, rate boards, flight boards, etc.

The easy-to-use interface allows simple building and scheduling of playlists and displays. You can get started quickly by creating and publishing content.  The content manager allows you to easily organize and create advanced framesets for playback.  Thus Scala is used for a great variety of applications such as billboards, large video walls, standalone displays, etc.


  • Fully interactive displays
  • Supports many file types
  • Large library of template and clipart
  • Excellent UI


Not much beginner user-friendly stuff. Needs expert

Official website: Scala

4. OnSign TV:

OnSignTV Digital Signage Software

OnSign TV is a cloud-based digital signage software for Android, Mac, and Chrome OS.  You can manage the content from the internet wherever you are.

You may have your current network over dozens of places. The biggest advantage of OnSign TV is that you don’t want to visit all locations to check whether they are offline or out of sync. Therefore, you get email notifications and live GPS reporting from OnSign TV anytime a station goes down. Then you can just troubleshoot right from your desk or send a technician to reboot on the spot.


The price starts at $14.99 per month for 100 players or more.


  • Responsive and easy to use platform
  • The display is cleaner and less chunky
  • Plenty of display modules and layouts
  • No crashes
  • Best customer support


  • No live previews

Official website: OnSign TV

5. Yodeck:

Yodeck Digital Signage

Yodeck is a cloud-based SaaS digital signage platform.

The easy-to-use interface allows you to use any media file in a variety of layouts suitable for every need. You can advertize and display information on digital bulletin boards, and update them remotely.

One of the best features of Yodeck is you can upload background music and choose when to mute it or play it louder. You can also schedule the screen to turn ON or OFF remotely.


The price starts at $7.99 per month for 100 players or more. Best for freelancers, small & mid-size businesses, and large enterprises.


  • Easy to configure and simple to implement
  • Live sound stream and video previews
  • Add and control background music
  • A large library of widgets and features
  • Responsive customer service


  • Must be familiar with Raspberry PI
  • Needs manual scheduling

Official website: Yodeck

6. Play Digital Signage:

Play Digital Signage Software

Play Digital Signage is the best alternative over the collective features of NoviSign and OptiSign. Moreover, it is also an alternative to Yodeck and ScreenCloud.

Play Digital Signage has one of the best content editing tools with advanced features such as animations, transitions, and content previews. The editor has several royalty-free images and animations with drag & drop functionality that makes it easier for you to make various projects in a short time.

You can remotely update your screens without even leaving your place.


The price starts at $12 per month. No additional fees and restrictions. 24/7 customer support.


  • Very easy to use. Just plug and play
  • Budget-friendly for low startup costs
  • Easy setup process
  • Excellent customer support
  • Regular updates with new features


Official website: Play Digital Signage

Final Words:

Digital signage is an easy and cost-efficient way to deliver targeted information through TV screens, tablets, or other types of digital displays. When you are using display signage software, it must be easier to use and compatible with multiple players or display devices.

Lastly. the above list of signage software is compatible with Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick and Android TV. You can also manage and send content from Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, along with Windows and Mac computers to maximize audience outreach.

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