Are You Fit for a Scrum Master Job?

Are You Fit for a Scrum Master Job?

If you are looking for a scrum master job, you must get into the right organization, company, or firm that needs your skill, knowledge, and expertise. That may be a general work culture of specialized such as technology, banking & finance, manufacturing, health, etc.

Scrum is an agile project management method. Agile means a project or work is divided into small chunks or parts. And each part is executed in a separate time span. It is known as sprint.

Mostly, the scrum method is popular among software development companies, marketing, and financial institutions. They involve a complex methodology that needs proper planning and execution within a time frame.

Scrums are headed by project or product owners and led by scrum masters. Scrum masters do not command but direct, guide, or help to clear obstacles of the team members.

Why Should you be hired for a Scrum Master Job?

The work of the scrum master is “to guide”. You should be hired as a scrum master if you have relevant experience in the actual work. But you may or may not hold a management degree. That is to say, you need to have a lot of understanding of how a project is done. Then only you can guide.

To get hired for a scrum master job, you must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. The qualification requirement may go as high as Bachelors’s or Masters’s degree in Technology or Management.

It may also need prior work experience according to the nature of the job. If it is a health sector, then you need an appropriate qualification in the field of medical science.

Assume that your team is building software. You need to have a lot of understanding of how the software is developed and deployed. That is to say, you must be a software engineer.

You won’t be more effective in helping others if you are just out of college.

Scrum Master career opportunities:

We made a specific search for scrum master jobs and vacancies in the United States. We started surfing through LinkedIn, one of the trusted platforms to find jobs.

Hence, we found that there were more than 100,000 job vacancies for the scrum master. By the time you find it, may have gone par with our estimated numbers of vacancies.

In fact, there would be a new vacancy added in every 10-15 hours gap.

And, are there any top-notch companies? Bank of America, Deloitte, Kroger, Visa, T-Mobile, and more. That is to say, scrum masters are in huge demand in IT sectors, health care, banking, logistics, finance, etc.

Companies who look to hire scrum masters should undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Coach, nurture and engage their teams to deliver solutions focussing on quality standards
  • Outstanding leadership skills.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Promote a positive atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect.
  • Collaborate with other scrum masters, product managers, project heads, architects, to build an agile and safe process to deliver work within deadlines.

These are some of the common requirements needed for the role of scrum masters. However, the company-specific criteria may vary.

Average Salary of Scrum Master for Different Countries:

We have fetched the average salary data of a scrum master from Glassdoor. It reveals level 2 scrum master salary details. It means you must have intermediate experience i.e. 3-4 years to be offered these salaries below.

  1. Switzerland – $1,29,376/year
  2. United States – $97,791/year
  3. Denmark – $93,315
  4. Canada – $88,729/year
  5. Australia – $85,558/year
  6. New Zealand – $80,564/year
  7. United Kingdom – $73,545/year
  8. Germany – $72,309/year
  9. Sweden – $62,825/year
  10. The Netherlands – $56,872/year
  11. Japan – $54,637/year
  12. India – $17,573/year

How Could Product Owners Pick the Right Scrum Master for the Team?

You are a product owner and somebody from your team or employee wants to hold the position of scrum master.

You must assess the person by assigning him the following duties below:

  • Is the member thorough with the development or project execution process? A scrum master should be a fast learner, a good communicator, a good lister, and collaborate with the team.
  • Ask the member to read stuff and be thorough with scrum master roles & responsibilities, and demonstrate his knowledge and strategies. You too can train him with basics, so they get off on the right foot and save time. You can also co-facilitate other scrum masters to assess and guide.
  • Ask the member to facilitate scrum events and workshops in your existing team. Ask the other team member if he is doing the job perfectly.
  • A scrum master is not only actively involved in his own team but also has active connections with other teams, managers, and VPs. Higher reach helps in necessary process-related decisions as to when required.
  • The scrum master must be punctual, regular to the office and committed to deadlines. If the person takes frequent leaves and is not available for team meetings, is not fit as a scrum master.

Generally, a member with 5-7 years of experience in your company is deemed fit to be the scrum master.

New hires although experienced may not be well acquainted with other team members, hence; most unlikely to be preferred for this position.

Final Words:

Getting a scrum master job isn’t just enough. It is necessary to actively maintain performance standards. Because your team’s performance is the ultimate report card of your performance.

Related Questions:

Does scrum master certification expire?

Yes, scrum master certification expires if you can’t land a job. In most companies, the certification course is valued if it is accomplished within a year of the job application.

Which scrum certification is better?

The certification provided by Scrum Alliance includes CSM, CSPO & CSD agile certifications. You get training from a certified scrum trainer. You can renew the certificate at $100.

How to obtain scrum master certification?

You can attend in-person training of scrum master for certification from Scrum Alliance. You have a two-day session(most probably weekend), 8 hours each, from a certified scrum trainer.

Is certified scrum master worth it?

Yes, the certified scrum master is worth it. The average annual salary for a certified scrum master is $116,659 a year. The certified scrum masters are eligible to apply for jobs in large organizations like S&P Global, FedEx, Keller Willaims, MetLife, Frost Bank, etc.

What are the benefits of becoming a scrum alliance-approved certified scrum master?

Certified scrum master certification enables you to work in several job roles across major companies like Bosch, Deloitte, Honeywell, etc. A CSM certified professional is also eligible for various roles like software engineer, product manager, project manager, team leader, business analyst, testers, etc.

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