4 Things to Do With DTG Printer When You Go on Vacation

What to Do With DTG Printer When We Go on Vacation?

DTG printer needs a daily print head cleaning operation. You cannot ignore your DTG printer for a long time(vacation) as its print heads get clogged. It needs cleaning at least on alternate days to keep them running normally.

You may have/hire someone to get the cleaning done every day. However, that would neither be feasible nor economical for everyone if going for a vacation, like 20 to 30 days.

DTG Printer Maintenance Tips on Vacation:

The following DTG printer maintenance tips will help you keep your DTG printer running normally when you return from vacation, even after a month.

1. Load cleaner cartridges:

Before leaving your direct-to-garment printer(any brand) unused for a longer period of time, you need to remove the ink from the printer.

However, nowadays, the DTG printer manufacturers like Epson include cleaning cartridges and bulk ink system cartridges. Therefore, you don’t need to empty the bulk ink cartridges to put cleaning fluid in.

Further, use a cleaning solution( do not use distilled water as it won’t have the necessary cleaning) to flush out the ink hoses, dampers, and printhead and leave no ink in the capping assembly.

Once you have flushed all the ink out, it is good to leave the cleaning solution in the lines and dampers. Then turn off the printer. Furthermore, wrap the inks up, so the exit point doesn’t dry out.

2. Use Backup dampers instead:

If you have backup dampers(A part of the ink delivery system to printhead) ready at least four, disconnect the ink lines(CMYK + White) at the damper and push the ink back into the cartridge. Perform this function individually for each cartridge and replace it with the cleaning cartridges.

And then, you can replace dampers, then do the backup function. Further, pull the cleaning solution through each damper with a syringe.

3. Automatic timed cleanings:

You can use Printer Jockey for automatic head-timed cleaning in your absence. It performs the standard head cleaning and flushing of each/specific ink line.

The flushings are actually printing just from the specific ink channels at a specific resolution for the determined page size. If I remember correctly, you have to have the printer on and in the print-ready position to do the flushing.

4. Look for someone to do the cleaning:

This is the last option if you are unable to perform the steps above. Moreover, if you have a helping hand in your business, like any staff personnel, you have no worries about leaving for your vacations.


If you keep the entire ink delivery system clean when no work, it is one of the most important maintenance requirements for running a DTG printer for a long time.

However, it won’t be the only option to guard your printer to remain around it all the time. The DTG printer maintenance tips help you perform the head cleaning operation in your absence. Enjoy your vacation.

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