The 13 Best Screen Printing Machines for T-shirts in 2023

Top 13 Screen Printer for T-shirts, Clothing & Other Products

Screen printing machines are available in manual and automatic formats to print t-shirts, glass, metal & ceramics. Manual printers have been quite a long time while automatic ones are developed within a decade. The latter is manufactured for faster productions, less intervention of manual labor, thus saving time and increasing productivity. While there are many who prefer manual printers over automatic ones, as they find it flexible and operate their way. However, both printer types have got equal demand among the product decorators.

On the other hand, the criteria to select the right screen printing equipment are almost similar. They are production speed, number of colors/stations, ease of use, registration, screen size, durability, and more. Therefore, we will discuss it all in detail.

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13 Best Screen Printing Machines/Screen Printer

The screen printing machines listed below have been tested reliable among most screen printing shops and industries. Moreover, the following list has been divided into two sections. They are:

  • Automatic Screen Printers(1-10)
  • Manual Screen Printers(11-13)

Moreover, the prices & others are subject to dated- 24/03/2021. It is liable to change in the future as it is the sole discretion of the corresponding companies. Buyers are required to consult the respective manufactures/sellers at the time of purchase. Let us explore the Top 13 Screen Printing Machines/screen printers for Product Decoration Shops & Industries:

Automatic screen printer/screen printing machine: (1 – 10):

Here, we have the list of automatic screen printing machines for your print shop in this section.

1. M&R Cobra:

  • Printer Type: Automatic
  • Price: Starts at $62,375 (Source: MidWest)
  • Suitable For BusinessMedium & Large Scale

M&R Cobra is the latest, fully automatic & electric screen printing machine. It comes with 7 variants, each differing in colors/stations, dimensions, screen size, print area, etc. Moreover, it is accorded with the 2020 Product Of the Year Award. In comparison, we couldn’t get much of its difference between previous models. On the other hand, it has achieved the highest production rate, quieter operation, and less maintenance requirement, so it is worth being on the top of the list.

1.1. Number of Colors & Stations:

The Cobra series start from 10 station/ 8 colors(low-end model – Cobra 1618) through 16 stations/14 colors(high-end model – Cobra 2020). The screen printer is perfect for medium to large-scale printing shops with sufficient space to place this heavy machinery. If you are a newbie/absolute beginner and have a small space, you should look for alternatives like anthem’s shocker press.

1.2. Production Speed:

The M&R Cobra has a production speed of 960 garments per hour. It is a high-volume t-shirt printing machine that has set a new record in the large-scale screen printing industry.

1.3. Ease of Use:

It is installed with a  7.5” high-resolution touchscreen interface with all configuration options to manage job settings and fast set-ups. Moreover, with electric printheads, tool-free squeegee/flood bar angle adjustments, independent squeegee pressure gauge on each print head, it saves time, increases accuracy and production rate.

1.4. Registration:

Similar to other M&R models, Cobra has Rapid Registration Systems that are compatible with M&R’s Tri-Loc and Tri-Sync. Moreover, it has enhanced front micro-registration adjustments with visual guides.

1.5. Screen Size:

The frame size range from 132 x 91 cm (52″ x 36″) through 132 x 91 cm (52″ x 36″) depending upon the variant. Similarly, the maximum image area varies from 41 x 46 cm (16″ x 18″) thorough 51 x 51 cm (20″ x 20″).

1.6. Durability:

It has a robust indexing system that ensures smooth and quieter operations. Further, it comes installed with a Servo drive indexer for smooth operation and durability.

1.7. Space Requirements & Weight:

The overall diameter of the M&R Cobra varies from 384 cm (12′ 7″) to a maximum of 563 cm (18′ 6″) on the Cobra 2020 16/14 variant. Moreover, its shipping weight varies from 1928 kg (4250 lb) to 3450 kg (7600 lb) in the high-end model.

1.8. Warranty:

    • Lastly, the M&R Cobra series come with a Two-year limited warranty.
    • Other: M&R Cobra Manual

2. M&R Sportsman:

  • Type: Automatic
  • Price: Starting at $39,290 (Source: MidWest)
  • Suitable For Business: Medium & Large Scale

M&R Sportsman has 12 variants, each differing in several stations/colors, diameter, frame size, image area, and weight. Moreover, we will be discussing the common features in each variant while focusing on the high-end model, i.e., Sportsman EX 5070, at specific places.

2.1. Number of Colors & Stations:

The M&R SPORTSMAN EX automatic screen printing press that starts from 8 stations/ 6 color(in low-end model – Sportsman EX 4045) through 14 stations/12 colors (high-end model – Sportsman EX 5070). Moreover, the M&R sportsman 8 color 10 stations screen printer is the most suitable for medium to large-scale printing industries.

2.2. Production Speed:

The M&R Sportsman has a production speed of 80 dozens/hour that has set a standard for high-volume screen printing production.

2.3. Ease of Use:

The newly designed, robust, and smooth indexing system helps in fast production with quiet operation. The electric printheads, tool-free squeegee/flood-bar angle adjustments with airlocks, pneumatic frame locks, and independent squeegee make it too easy for print shops for hassle-free production. Further, it minimizes setup times and maximizes run times and productivity up to 95 percent.

It has a high-resolution touch-screen interface that is easy to control. Additionally, it comes with tutorials and operating instructions with enhanced graphics.

2.4. Registration:

It comes with Rapid Registration Systems in addition to front micro-registration adjustments that are compatible with M&R’s Tri-Loc and Tri-Sync.

2.5. Screen Size:

It has a maximum frame size of 66 x 109 x 5 cm (26” x 43” x 2″), which provides a maximum image area of 51 x 71 cm (20” x 28)”. Further, it comes with a maximum pallet size of 56 x 76 cm (22” x 30”). However, this particular specification is associated with Sportsman EX 5070 14 stations/12 colors. It is liable to decrease with other lower-end variants. Furthermore, it has adjustable rear screen holders that accommodate a wide variety of screen sizes.

2.6. Durability:

The electric-drive motors are brushless and maintenance-free to provide smooth linear movement and control. Moreover, the screen printer has a built-in maintenance reminder system that notifies you beforehand when the scheduled maintenance is due. It prevents your screen printing equipment from reaching the maximum strain that finally results in the breakdown.

2.7. Space Requirements & Weight:

The overall diameter of the screen printing machine is 551 cm (18’ 1”). Riley Hopkins 250(4 colors/1 stations) is the best screen printer for you if you have a small print shop. Moreover, the shipping weight of the M&R Sportsman EX 5070 is 3311 kg (7300 lb)

2.8. Warranty:

    • Finally, the screen printer comes with a 2-year limited warranty on Sportsman EX 4045 & 5050. Further, the Sportsman EX 5070 has a 1-year limited warranty.
    • Others: m&r sportsman manual pdf

3. MHM IQ Oval:

  • Type: Automatic
  • Price: Not available
  • Suitable For Business: Large Scale

MHM IQ Oval iDS uses an intelligent drive system that does not require any chain to move the table, so they are totally individual. You can expand this machine from eight up to sixty tables. It has a modular system that allows you to change its configuration at any time, even after installation. The IQ Oval has two empty pallets on each side of the machine. It provides the 2-job mode, which virtually splits the machine into two machines so that the operator can run two different print jobs simultaneously.

3.1. Number of Colors & Stations:

The MHM IQ Oval iDS is a perfect industrial screen printing machine where you can increase your production capability by increasing it up to a maximum of 60 stations. Further, it has an option where the print station can be lifted to allow better access to clean the screens or free space for loading/unloading.

3.2. Production Speed:

MHM IQ Oval has a production capacity of 1500 pieces per hour. Therefore, it is suitable for product decoration industries with screen printing.

3.3. Ease of Use:

The IQ Oval is equipped with the latest M-touch pro operating system with a tablet interface for user-friendly operation. The tested and proven MHM printing stations become standard, making the IQ Oval instantly familiar to the operator. Thus, it minimizes training and maintains perfect compatibility.

The intelligent drive system allows the removal of all kinds of safety barriers on the machine. If there is an obstacle or even an operator with the moving area, the drive system recognizes and stops immediately. In case of confirmation, the pallets move back to the original position, and the index will continue without losing prints or having misprints.

3.4. Registration:

IQ Oval has a widely-acclaimed pre-registration system that allows a fast and easy print setup. It attains a registration accuracy of +/- 0.02 mm / +/-0.00079″.

3.5. Screen Size:

MHM iQ Oval comes with four standard print formats i.e. 45 X 55 cm, 50 X 70 cm, 70 X 100 cm & 80 X 110 cm all over prints. Moreover, its frame size varies from 66 x 100 cm / 26 x 39.4″ to 105 x 154 cm / 41.3 x 60.6″ depending upon the print formats. Further, it comes installed with up to 60 pallets.

3.6. Durability:

The IO Oval provides long-term reliability, extremely low maintenance requirements, and zero registration problems.

3.7. Space Requirements & Weight:

The  length & width of the MHM screen printing machine range from 640 cm / 252″(L) x 370 cm / 145.7″(W) to  810 cm / 318.9″(L) x 440 cm / 173.2″(W) depending upon print formats. Similarly, its basic weight varies from 2620 lbs to 3130 lbs.

3.8. Other:

Documents: MHM IQ Oval(Compact) manual

4. ROQprint OVAL Evolution:

  • Type: Automatic
  • Price: Not available
  • Suitable For Business: Large Scale

ROQprint OVAL Evolution is an automatic screen printing machine that allows for larger printing operations. It has a modular system that allows the operator to change its configuration and expand the machine from 16 stations to 56 stations, even after installation. That is to say; you can contract it small or expand it big. It can be placed in a small space for less production or a large space for large production. It is flexible to fit all print businesses.

4.1. Number of Colors & Stations:

The ROQprint OVAL Evolution comes in 10 configurations beginning from 10 color/16 station to 50 colors/56 stations. Further, you can expand the pallets from 16 to 56 depending upon print stations.

4.2. Production Speed:

The ROQprint OVAL Evolution can generate a maximum production at a speed of 1000 pieces/hour.

4.3. Ease of Use:

The versatile oval screen printing machine allows the operator to run 2, 3, or even 4 print jobs simultaneously. Moreover, it has an independent printhead elevation system that allows quick,  easy screen cleaning and placement of flash cures under the print head.

You can individually control and manage print and flood speed, height, angle of the squeegee, and stroke length.

4.4. Registration:

It has a micro registration screen system with a vernier scale. With registration accuracy or index precision of ± 0.025mm / 0.001 inch, it holds registration with the same precision as a carousel press. The oval screen printing machine has the capability to maintain the registry throughout the printing process.

4.5. Screen Size:

The oval screen printing machine allows for larger printing areas from 500mm x 700mm up to a maximum of 850 x 800 mm. It allows screen sizes from 660 x 1050 mm to a maximum of 1010 x 1100 mm. Further, it allows a maximum profile thickness of 50x50mm.

4.6. Durability:

It is manufactured with quality materials that reduce maintenance & minimal downtimes due to its robustness and reliability.

4.7. Space Requirements:

The overall dimension of the oval printer is 2230mm(Height) x 3650(Width). At the same time, the length starts from 8200 mm to a maximum of 27250 mm depending upon station expansion from 16 to 56.

4.8. Others:

Document: ROQprint OVAL Manual

5. TAS CX Compact:

  • Type: Automatic
  • Price: Not available
  • Suitable For Business: Medium to Large Scale

TAS CX Compact is an automatic screen printing machine ideal for product decoration shops or industries with limited space. Although it has a smaller size, it does not compromise the print area and quality.

5.1. Number of Colors & Stations:

TAS CX Compact comes in 8 variants beginning from 6 colors/8 stations to 20 colors/22 stations. Unlike, it does not come with a modular system as MHM or ROQ where a single screen printing machine can be configured. Rather, TAS CX comes with eight different variants.

5.2. Production Speed:

Not available.

5.3. Ease of Use:

TAS CX comes with an electric indexer that allows the automatic rotation of the carousel that moves t-shirts from one print head to another. It helps you screen the printing machine spinning smoothly.

Moreover, the electric print heads manage the vertical movement of the squeegee, flood bar & horizontal movement of the print carriage stroke. It eliminates concerns regarding printing safety, reliability, and consistency in print jobs. Further, the electric print heads make your print job smoother and faster.

5.4. Registration:

It holds a standard micro registration screen system with a vernier scale.

5.5. Screen Size:

All the CX Compact series variants have a standard print area of up to 46cm x 50cm (18” x 20”). Similarly, the maximum frame size of all the variants is 610mm X 762mm (24″ X 30″) & standard pallet size is 470mm X 610mm (18.5″ X 24″).

5.6. Durability:

It is manufactured with quality materials that reduce maintenance & minimal downtimes due to its robustness and reliability.

5.7. Space Requirements:

The overall diameter of the compact screen printing machines starts from 3452mm to a maximum of 7066mm, depending upon the number of stations. Moreover, its approximate weight varies from 1000Kg to a maximum of 5700Kg.

5.8. Others:

Document: TAS CX Compact pdf

6. Anatol Volt:

  • Type: Automatic
  • Price: $44,500.00 – $69,120.00 (Source: Anatol)
  • Suitable For Business: Small, Medium & Large Scale

Anatol Volt is a professional-grade electric automatic screen printing machine that does not need air for the screen printing operation. It has four primary variants in size(S, M, L, XL) and 12 sub-variants for each size based on colors & stations ranging from 8 station/6 colors through 12 stations/11 colors. At the same time, the other specifications related to printing, usage, and warranty are similar. Moreover, the Anatol Volt is reviewed for long runs, smooth, quiet & fast production, and a reliable screen printing machine with hardly any downtimes(if periodic maintenance is performed). Moreover, the Anatol Volt S is a  good screen printing machine for small businesses.

6.1. Number of Colors & Stations:

As we discussed, the four variants of the Anatol Volt series(based on size) range from 8 station/6 colors through 12 stations/11 colors. All it depends upon your business, to choose the right one. If you are a small-scale business, the Anatol VOLT S screen printer machine is available in configurations of 6 stations and 2 colors.

6.2. Production Speed:

The printing speed varies from 700 garments/hour to 1200 garments/hour.

6.3. Ease of Use:

The Anatol Volt has a 15″ touchscreen interface(17” touchscreen for larger models) to manage all job settings and machine functions for fast set-ups. It allows wifi connectivity and automatic software updates available from time to time.

Further, you can store the print job and its parameter for future production. You can easily control print head speed, the number of strokes, flash cure time & temperature, ink colors, and more.

Moreover, it has a rotating arm for easy access to each print head.

6.4. Registration:

It has a three-point micro registration of a screen. The three points include front-back, left-right, and rotational movement. Besides Anatol’s ARME pre-registration system, it is compatible with several other pre-registration systems available on the market.

6.5. Screen Size:

The screen size in the Anatol Volt series varies according to variants based on size. The screen size ranges from 21″ x 28″(54cm x 71cm) in Small variant to 26″ x 43″(66cm x 109.2cm) in XL. Accordingly, the maximum print area varies from 15″ x 16″(38.1cm x 40.6cm) to 20″ x 28″(50.8cm x 71cm). Your current production requirement and prospects determine the screen printing equipment for your shop. In other words, it is you who need to choose the right one.

6.6. Pallets:

Similar to screen, the pallet size varies from 16″ x 22″(41cm x 56cm) to 16″ x 22″(41cm x 56cm) depending upon the variant.

6.7. Durability:

No pneumatic parts, air compressor, or chiller. As a result, it doesn’t need air, runs for a long time with minimal maintenance. Further, it is installed with servo-driven indexers & a servo lift that eliminates leaks in tubing and the build-up of dirt and moisture. As a result, you get a reliable service with no downtime.

6.8. Space Requirements:

The overall diameter of the Anatol Volt screen printing press varies from 13’10” through 22’8” depending upon the variant.

6.9. Warranty:

07. Workhorse Sabre:

  • Type: Automatic
  • Price: $50,000.00 (Source: Anthem Screen Printing )
  • Suitable For Business: Medium to Large Scale

Among the Workhorse automatic screen printing machines, the Sabre series are the most popular. Moreover, it comes in four variants, i.e. SABRE SE-68-EC 6-color/8-stations, SABRE SE-810-EC 8-color/10-stations, SABRE SE-1012-EC 10-color/12-stations, and SABRE SE-1214-EC 12-color/14-stations. All four variants differ in the print area, electricity consumption, the diameter of the machine, and air pressure. At the same time, other specifications remain the same. Therefore, we decided to discuss the common specifications in all four models.

7.1. Number of Colors & Stations:

As we discussed, the four variants of the Workhorse Sabre series range from 8 station/6 colors through 14 station/8 colors automatic screen printing press. All it depends upon your business, to choose the right one. Moreover, if you have a small-scale print business, then one-color, and at most 3-color and 4-head 4-platen is the right one for you. If that is the case, then Vastex v2000 is the right one for you because the Sabre series is only for medium to large-scale businesses.

7.2. Production Speed:

It easily prints 750-850 pieces per hour with multiple (1-9) print stroke capabilities.

7.3. Ease of Use:

Its automatic print and flash system helps you perform the same screen helps you perform multiple operations at a single printing station. You can independently set the angle, pressure, and speed of squeegees without the need for any tools. Moreover, the Sabre has many intuitive features, multiple language capabilities, change date & time, connect to wifi, update notifications for latest software versions, easy to configure, and set up multiple [romy job including flash heads and multiple strokes, and more. The warm pallets function will pre-warm your pallets, allowing you to reduce your flashlight load.

Printing a t-shirt is as simple as pressing the button followed by the beginning button to start your print job. It displays the real-time status of the print job progress till done for all stations.

Moreover, the electric indexer helps in the precision indexing of multiple stations at faster speeds. The electrically driven printheads help in print/flood speed controls at each printhead.

7.4. Registration:

With a six-point registration system, it is compatible with most pin registration systems.

Additionally, it has an easy central off contact feature that helps to change between different substrates quickly. Moreover, with visual guides, you can easily enhance adjustments for front micro- registration.

7.5. Screen Size:

It has a 20″ x 28″(51 cm x 71 cm). Moreover, it comes with adjustable front and rear clamps with a full-length clamping bar to accommodate wider screens.

7.6. Durability:

If you experience issues with your screen printing press, the troubleshooting option will allow you to diagnose any issues that have occurred quickly. Rectifying issues beforehand will keep your screen printing machine running for a longer time.

7.7. Space Requirements:

The overall diameter of the Workhorse Sabre series range from 12’6″ (3.8 m) to 18′ (5.5 m) in diameter, depending upon the variant.

7.8. Warranty:

    • The Sabre series comes with a two-year limited warranty, 2 years on parts, and a 1-year labor warranty.
    • Others: Workhorse Sabre Manual

08. Anatol Titan:

  • Type: Automatic
  • Price: $19,215 to $33,840 (Source: Anatol)
  • Suitable For Business: Small, Medium & Large Scale

Anatol Titan has two primary variants and three sub-variants for each. That is to say, primary variants are Anatol Titan S and Anatol Titan M. And each has 3 sub-variants, i.e., AAA(airlift, air index, airheads), ASA(airlift, servo index, airheads) & ASE(airlift, servo index, electric heads). We will be discussing the basic and most common features in all these variants. Further, you have to decide on the right printer per your budget, skill, space, and production requirement.

8.1. Number of Colors & Stations:

Anatol Titan is an automatic screen printing machine suitable for small, medium, and large-scale production. The small & medium variant comes with a 6 stations/4 colors configuration which can be upgraded to 12 stations/11 colors.

8.2. Production Speed:

The Anatol Titan achieves a production speed of 600 prints/hour to 1000 prints/hour. It depends upon the number of stations/colors of screen printing equipment.

8.3. Ease of Use:

It has a 15” touchscreen panel to access multiple print job settings and functions with one-touch access. The Skip Shirt & Smash Button prevents the press from printing on the empty pallets. Further, you can halt the print job with a single touch if you find an improperly loaded shirt on the platen. Thus, it saves your time and supplies. Furthermore, it can store your print job parameters and settings such as print area, flash cure time and temperature, color design, etc., for future production. Moreover, the swivel boom arm makes it easier for you to access each print head.

8.4. Registration:

It has a true three-point micro registration system of the screen at the front-back, left-right and rotational movement, allowing precise and quick adjustments.

In addition to Anatol’s ARME registration system, it is compatible with other pre-registration systems available.

8.5. Screen Size:

The maximum screen size of Titan S is 21″ x 28″ that provides a maximum print area of 15″ x 16″. On the other hand, the maximum screen size of Titan M is 23″ x 33″ with a maximum print area of 16″ x 18″.

8.6. Pallets:

All Titan series comes with a standard pallet size of 16” x 22”. Further, the pallets are manufactured with solid aluminum and coated with a low-profile rubber material.

Moreover, it has slide-style or quick-release pallets with a four-point precision pallet leveling system.

8.7. Durability:

Titan has just two cylinders per head which saves your time and maintenance fees. With a smaller-sized compressor, it incurs less operating cost. Anatol Titan is not the right choice for screen printers who avoid air in the screen printing job. Better you should get Anatol Volt.

Moreover, it comes with patented safety bars located between each print head on each side of the load and the unload station.

8.8. Space Requirements:

The overall diameter of the Anatol Titan series varies from 9’4”(AAA model) to 13’6”(ASE model).

8.9. Warranty:

09. Riley Hopkins 300:

  • Type: Automatic
  • Price: $4,295 – $6,995 (Source: ScreenPrinting)
  • Suitable For Business: Small & Medium Scale

9.1. Number of Colors & Stations:

The four variants of Riley Hopkins 300 are 4 color/4 station press, 6 color/4 station press, 6 color/6 station press, and 8 color/6 station press. Riley Hopkins, 4 color 4 stations press, is suitable for small print shops, whereas Riley Hopkins 6 color 4 stations press is suitable for small-medium scale production. While, if you have a less budget and want to start with an automatic screen printer, you should go with Riley Hopkins 250 model with 4 color 1 station press. It is priced at around $1,295.00.

Moreover, if you want to setup screen printing shop in your garage, Riley Hopkins 150 is recommended. It is one of the smallest 1 station manual presses.

9.2. Production Speed:

It can produce 80-100 prints of a single color/hour. Moreover, it can print 200 shirts with 4 and 5 color front prints in about 2 hours. The production speed may vary for different models.

9.3. Ease of Use:

Riley 300 is completely tool-less, which makes fine adjustments easy. The press has an adjustable height mechanism with which you can increase its height up to 3″. With an increased surface area of the screen-clamp, it holds the screen in place for a longer time. As a result, you need fewer adjustments and maintenance.

9.4. Registration:

The micro registration systems are consistent and combined with the individual off-contact and perfect tilt adjustments. It comes installed with lever knobs that accurately hold registration and reduces stress on the wrist. You easily attain a faster setup with an anti-slip registration plate, an XY-micro, and a Z-micro/Tilt Micro.

Moreover, you do not require to use a joystick. The XY-micro creates more precise adjustments, and Z-micro/Tilt Micro makes a streamlined contact and tilt setup.

9.5. Screen Size:

The Riley Hopkins 300 has a maximum frame size of 25″ x 36″ and a platen size of 16″x 18″, common to all colors/stations screen printers.

9.6. Durability:

The Hopkins 3000 is sturdy, heavy-duty, and lightweight construction. The heavy-duty leg levels add an extra amount of sturdiness to the press. The roller gates create increased durability, which reduces the number of adjustments and maintenance as needed in other presses.

9.7. Space Requirements & weight:

The overall diameters of the screen printer vary from 88″ through 102″ depending upon the station/color configuration. Similarly, the weight ranges from 523 lbs t for 4 color/4 stations to 850 lbs for 8 colors/ 6 stations press.

9.8. Warranty:

10. Brown ElectraPrint:

  • Type: Automatic
  • Price: $32,995 (Source: Brown)
  • Suitable For Business: Medium & Large Scale

Brown ElectraPrint has two primary variants and three sub-variants of each. The two primary variants include a senior model and a junior model. The regular model is suitable for medium to large scale industries, while the junior model is suitable for small to medium scale production. Here we shall be discussing the senior variant.

10.1. Number of Colors & Stations:

Among the three variants of Brown ElectraPrint, the first variant, i.e., AP610, is 6 colors 10 stations press, AP68 is 6 colors 8 stations press, and AP810 is 8 colors 10 stations press. Excluding dimensions, the other specifications are common.

10.2. Production Speed:

It can print 100-200 one-side shirts per hour depending upon the variant. The numbers may vary depending upon the screen printer.

10.3. Ease of Use:

The ElectraPrint has an easy-to-understand control panel with automatic start and shut down options. It is like a plug-n-play type. Moreover, it has a Shirt skip detector to prevent printing on empty pallets. It has an audible sound alert for notifications. Moreover, you also get the option to convert the automatic printer into manual mode on each head. Additionally, it has an onboard self-diagnostic system that detects errors beforehand and prevents breakdown.

10.4. Registration:

It comes installed with a direct drive micro registration system. It gives you the exact movement in a direction, precise measurements, color application right to the edge of the garment. Moreover, if your hands shake, aren’t good at coordination during the registration, micro registration is for you.

10.5. Screen Size:

The standard screen size of all Brown ElectraPrint variants is 23” x 31”, which can print up to a length of up to 20”. Moreover, the standard platen size is 16” x 24”, and the squeegee is 15.25”.

10.6. Durability:

The ElectraPrint has a heavy-duty steel construction, heavy-duty safety bars, electric print heads, drive, and lift, requiring minimal maintenance requirements. Most importantly, it has NO air compressor, no air chiller, no regulators or airlines. Now, you can produce consistent and hassle-free printing without common air-driven systems. As a result, it is energy efficient, quieter to run, easier to maintain, and less expensive to operate.

10.7. Space Requirements & weight:

The overall dimensions vary from 144.00″ x 144.00″ x 60.00″ for AP610, 120.00″ x 120.00″ x 60.00″ for AP68 and 144.00″ x 144.00″ x 60.00″ for AP810. Moreover, the overall weight ranges from 1600.00lbs through 2800.00lbs.

10.8. Warranty:

Lastly, Brown ElectraPrint has 1 year for all parts and 7 years for the registration gate.

Manual screen printer/manual printing machine: (11 – 13):

Here, we have the list of Manual screen printing machines for your print shop in this section.

11. Vastex v2000:

  • Printer Type: Manual
  • Price: $950.00 – $9,895.00 (Source: Screenprintsupplies)
  • Suitable For Business: Small, Medium & Large Scale

The Vastex v2000 HD is one of the best manual screen printing presses available in 9 variants. In contrast, each differing from others in size, weight, screen size, color, and table upgrade capabilities. It depends upon your business requirement to purchase the right one. Further, all screen printers in this series are sturdy built and heavy-duty manual presses. We will be discussing the most important aspects common among all the variants.

11.1. Number of Colors & Tables:

Similar to Vastex v1000, you can easily upgrade v2000 HD from 1-table, 1-color arrangement up to 8-table, 8-color configuration anytime.

11.2. Production Speed:

As it is a manual screen printer, all it depends on is your working capabilities. Further, you can upgrade the tables and colors to increase production.

11.3. Ease of Use:

The 100% wrench-free adjustments allow independent head leveling, micro-registration with zero backlashes, and complete removal or installation of the print head in seconds. Further, the gas lifters provide 16 position variable lift strength. You can easily adjust micro clamp levers with zero backlash bearings on the screen arm pivot.

11.4. Registration:

It holds accurate multi-color printing registration with utmost precision. The pin registration system facilities side clamp presses. Further, it has embedded registration bearings close to the screen and stays clear of spray tack. The Vastex Registration System allows you to print more garments in less time.

11.5. Screen Size:

The screen width varies from 25″ (63.5 cm) to 39″ (99 cm). While it weighs approximately 30 lbs (13.6 kg) with double gas springs.

11.6. Pallets:

The size of Vastex v2000 pallets ranges from 6” Width x 6” Length to 22” Width x 32” Length. Moreover, the other pallet types available are Sleeve and Leg Pallets, Bag Pallet Adapter, Clamp-on Pallet Adapters, Vacuum pallets, Koozie pallets, all-over pallets, One Sleeve Wing Pallet, and more.

11.7. Durability:

The heavy-duty screen printer is manufactured with a 3.25″ (8.3 cm) square steel rotor arm with ruler indicator, heavy-gauge steel rotor assemblies, and never-warp steel pallets, registration wheel locks gliding on ball bearings.

11.8. Space Requirements & Weight:

The fully extended diameter of the manual screen printer varies from 58″ (147 cm)  to 137″ (348 cm). Moreover, its shipping weight varies from 281 lbs (128 kg) to 1,423 lbs (646 kg).

11.9. Warranty:

    • The long-lasting Vastex V-2000 HD comes with a reliable warranty of 25 years.
    • Others: Vastex v2000 Manual

12. Vastex v1000:

  • Type: Manual
  • Price: $4,499.99  (Source: Anthem Screen Printing)
  • Suitable For Business: Small & Medium Scale

Many screen printers are used to do with manual ones instead of automatic screen printing machines. So, Vastex v1000 is the right screen printer for them. Moreover, the Vastex v1000 is reviewed(as per Amazon & Screenprintingsupply) to have a micro registration system with no fixed halfway production, high-quality precision, no warp platens, and overall a long-lasting manual press.

12.1. Number of Colors & Tables:

Unlike automatic presses, V-1000 is a manual press with a screen printing press that is a tabletop and floor standing model. It is quite flexible and compatible with diverse add-ons. You can expand from 1-table, 1-color arrangement up to 8-table, 8-color configuration.

12.2. Production Speed:

As it is a manual screen printer, all it depends on is your working capabilities. You get the only scope of increasing the number of stations.

12.4. Ease of Use:

To meet the need for a commercial-grade screen printer, the v1000 has a unique floating head design. Moreover, it has a 3-point bearing lock that allows multiple heads down. Further, it comes with a 6-way head leveling adjustment.

Additionally, it is equipped with screen shelves, an ink shelf, and locking casters.

12.5. Registration:

The Vastex v1000 has an accurate micro-registration system that accurately holds multi-color printing registration precisely.

12.6. Screen Size:

It can hold a maximum of 21″ x 28″ (51 x 61 cm) size screens. More to say, we couldn’t expect a larger screen size for a manual screen printing press, unlike an automatic one.

12.7. Pallets:

The screen printer comes with shirt pallets, long sleeve pallets, double long sleeve pallets, short leg & sleeve pallets, single-leg pallets, mini pallets, vacuum pallets, double face mask pallets, umbrella pallet, and more. The sizes vary from standard to jumbo-sized pallets depending on the product.

12.8. Durability:

For durability, it comes with steel pallets with rubber tops. Additionally, it is easily interchangeable with the Vastex v2000 model.

12.9. Space Requirements & Weight:

The overall diameter of Vastex v1000 is 118″ (300 cm). Moreover, its shipping dimension is 56” x 45” x 49” (143 x 115 x 1125 cm) and weighs approximately 748 lbs (340 kg).

12.10. Warranty:

    • Finally, the Vastex v1000 with a 3-year warranty on the manufacturer’s defects.
    • Others: Vastex v1000 manual

13. M&R Kruzer:

  • Type: Manual
  • Price: $695 (Source: M&Rprint)
  • Suitable For Business: Small & Entry Level

M&R Kruzer is an ideal screen printer for startup/entry-level screen printing shops and small-sized automatic screen printing shops. It is a lightweight, rugged & affordable, high-quality printer for sampling and small runs. Moreover, it is easy to assemble within half an hour if you have a basic knowledge of hand tools.

13.1. Number of Colors & Stations:

The M&R Kruzer is an entry-level 6-color/4-station manual screen printing machine with standard side screen clamps. If you are new to screen printing and want to start with M&R, then go with Kruzer.

13.2. Production Speed:

M&R Kruzer is a screen printer for beginners and easy to operate. Moreover, it is a manual printer and depends on your working capabilities.

13.3. Ease of Use:

Being a manual screen printer for start-ups, it is easy to screen printing t-shirts by a learning newbie. Moreover, it has light-weight screen arousal with tapered roller bearings that helps in a smooth operation.

13.4. Registration:

Kruzer is installed with a Tri-Loc Rapid Registration System capable of screen registration both in manual and automatic screen printing presses. Moreover, it has hardened steel roller registration bearings that provide excellent performance and durability.

13.5. Screen Size:

Kruzer has a maximum screen width of 58 cm (23”) which covers a maximum image area of 41 x 46″ (16″ x 18″). Further, the screen is made to use with the manual press and fits perfectly with most automatic presses.

13.6. Pallets:

It has a standard pallet size of 38 x 41 cm (15” x 16”) that easily fits through a 78 cm (31″) doorway—moreover, the pallets with solid aluminum with a rubber coating.

13.7. Durability:

It has a sturdy design construction with heavy-duty tapered roller bearings, machine-tooled, and a polished center shaft. Above all, it is a manual press from one of the most reputed manufacturers that guarantee long-term operation and the least maintenance expenses.

13.8. Space Requirements & weight:

The M&R Kruzer has an overall diameter of 243 cm (8’) with a shipping weight of around 204 kg (450 lb).

13.9. Warranty:

    • It has a two-year limited warranty, which includes returning the press during the first year of ownership.
    • Others: M&R Kruzer Manual pdf

Other Notable Screen Printers:

Besides the top 10 list of screen printing machines, we have another list of screen printers that are also popular among screen printing decorators. The list is as follows:

1. Anatol thunder – Price: $4,500.00 to $15,400.00

2. Workhorse Freedom Express – Price: $4,000.00 to $4,800.00 

3. Workhorse Odyssey – Price: $2,449.99

4. Riley Hopkins 350 6 colors 6 station – Price: $7,495.00

5. Anatol Lightning – Price: $3,795.00 to $7,211.00


M&R and Vastex are the most trusted and preferred screen printing manufacturers and suppliers in the market. Anatol and Workhorse are some of the old and reputed manufacturers in the screen printing industry. On the other hand, Riley Hopkins has been the first choice for beginners, and Brown ElectraPrint is well known for screen printing equipment that doesn’t require an air compressor. I hope the list above was helpful & fulfills your purpose.

Related Questions:

01. Is an automatic screen printing machine suitable for beginners?

If you are a beginner, DO NOT start an automatic screen printing machine. You need a consistent larger volume to pay for it. The ancillary costs like a large dryer, compressor, high ink usage, larger screens, many more screens, etc. Not to mention you can ruin a bunch of shirts fast!

When using a manual press at first to learn very quickly, you will understand the importance of screen meshes, squeegee pressures, speeds, and a whole bunch of other things. The knowledge gained from that will ultimately help when and if you do get an automatic. To warrant getting an automatic press, there has to be enough business generated in your company actually to have it be worthwhile. You will lose so much money in time spent setting up the auto for jobs like that.

02. Which screen printing machine does not need an air compressor?

Anatol Volt and Brown ElectraPrint are the two screen printers that do not need an air compressor for the screen printing operation.

03. What is the cost of outsourcing a screen printer?

The hourly cost of outsourcing a screen printer is $15. That sums up to $40,000 a year.

04. Which is the cheapest and the best automatic screen printing machine for t-shirts?

Riley Hopkins 250 model with 4 colors 1 station press is priced at $1,295.00. It is the best and the cheapest among the most reputed screen printing manufacturers in the world. Recommended for any small print shop that is on a budget.

05. Which is the cheapest and the best manual screen printing machine for t-shirts?

M&R Kruzer is a 6-color/4-station manual screen printing machine priced at $695. It is the best manual screen printing press for start-up/entry-level print shops. Also, it is a high-quality & affordable printer for sampling and small runs. Moreover, you can also go with Anthem’s Shocker Press which is a single-color tabletop press. It is priced at $224.99.

06. What is the best screen printing machine for home use?

The following screen printers that are affordable and best for home use are:

  • The X-Press Single Color Hobby Press(manual) – Price:$114.99
  • The Shocker Single Color Table Top Press(manual) – Price: $224.99
  • Vastex V-10 CraftPrinter Press – 1 Color / 1 Station – Price:$324.99
  • Vastex V-100 Press – 1 Color / 1 Station – Price:$549.99
  • Workhorse Odyssey Benchtop Press – 1 Color / 1 Station – Price: $749.99
  • Vastex V-1000 Press(manual) – 6 Color / 1 Station – Price: $2,199.99

Source: Anthem Screen Printing

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