Gildan 5000 vs Gildan 2000 | Which is better?

Gildan 5000 vs Gildan 2000 | Which is better?

Gildan is one of the biggest t-shirt manufacturers in the world. The Gildan 2000 and Gildan 5000 t-shirts have always been excellent choices for print shops and product decorators.

Because the high-quality Gildan ultra cotton blank apparel is cheaper, ranging between $1.5 to $2.5, and available in a wide range of colors. Gildan 2000 is priced a little higher than Gildan 5000.

So, what is the difference between Gildan 2000 and Gildan 5000 shirts? Which one should you choose to wear or use in your print shops?

Which is the best seller 100% cotton t-shirt and the most popular one based on gildan 5000 & gildan 2000 review? Let us discuss everything in detail.

Gildan 5000 vs. Gildan 2000:

When we compare Gildan 2000 vs 5000, we find that the Gildan 2000 is an ultra cotton tee, whereas the Gildan 5000 is a heavy cotton tee. The ultra cotton shirt is soft & lightweight but thicker, whereas the heavy cotton is dense, heavier, and durable. However, both of them have slightly different use cases; it mostly matters the consumer satisfaction.

So, let us discuss the difference between Gildan t-shirts and choose the best one.

1. Fabric Thickness of Gildan 5000 & Gildan 2000:

Gildan 2000 is 100% cotton knit, whereas the Gildan 5000 is 90% cotton/10% polyester. Further, both are preshrunk tee shirts. The difference does not bother you unless you are wearing both. However, if you are a print shop and accept custom orders, it matters what your customers are comfortable with.

Gildan 2000 is 6 oz, while the 5000 is 5.3 oz. That is to say, Gildan 2000 is heavier, whereas the Gildan 5000 is lighter in weight. The Gildan 2000 is thicker and has a better quality. Most print shops opt for Gildan 2000 unless a customer specifically requests that weight or style.

2. Available colors:

When you decide to go with a certain shirt, you need to be sure they will continue to make the colors that are important to your business. As available in S&S Activewear, Gildan 2000 comes in 64 different colors, whereas the Gildan 5000 comes in 70 colors.

So, if you are looking for the broadest color option of any basic shirt, then it is Gildan 5000. Further, both tees provide heather, Neon, safety green, and orange color options if you are making a distressed type or a vintage look t-shirt. The safety green color is ANSI and ISCA certified as a highly visible background color.

3. Ink Compatibility:

Most of the print shops and product decorators are concerned about the compatibility and behavior of Gildan tees. If we talk about plastisol ink, Gildan 5000 takes plastisol very well. Further, you shouldn’t have any problem with ink on either the G5000 or G2000.

While gathering opinions and reviews from different print shops, we learned that their customers prefer the heavier weight Gildan 2000 than the G5000 lightweight tee.

But when it comes to pricing, Gildan 2000 is at the downside. And if you do not face any consumers’ choice, better go with Gildan 5000.

4. Feel:

The Gildan 2000 is a softer feel, although heavy knit but can be too heavy in warmer climates. As we discussed earlier, it is good to know who is your target audience. The 2000s are a little heavier and softer. Especially, it is popular among women who are going to want softer feels.

The Gildan 5000 is great for promo, shirts because it feels a little nicer and something that takes away. It is a good way to have a little bit more of a premium option for your shirt without not costing you too much more money.


The Gildan 5000 is great for promos, events, and giveaway shirts because it feels a little nicer and something that takes away. But if you are doing an order for someone to wear regularly, stick with 2000. The Gildan G2000 is a good all-around tshirt. It’s heavier weight and comes in a wide variety of colors. It does tend to shrink a bit in length after many washes but is the most popular Gildan product by far. Further, Gildan 2000 is one of the best-selling shirts of all time. 

g1100 vs g2000, Which is better?

Gildan 1100 is heavier-fit with a classic style. Where as Gildan 2000 is comparatively light, more modern and slim fit. But when it comes to printing compatibility, g1100 is suitable for screen printing, heat transfer and embroidery due to heavier fabric. While g2000 will be preferable for DTG printing

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