The 10 Best Sublimation Blank Wholesale Suppliers in 2023

Top 10 Sublimation Blank Wholesale Suppliers

Sublimation Blank Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers are crucial for all product decoration print shops, crafters, and product design industries.

With the growing demand for customized products, fashion accessories & garments, businesses shift from traditional selling to more order-specific requirements. Moreover, custom printing is not possible without a blank product.

Also, we know that there are thousands of blank suppliers in the market. But whom to trust. Who can be the right blank product supplier for your custom printing business?

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Top Sublimation Blanks Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers:

We analyzed the product-specific problems of custom printing businesses. After scrutinizing thousands of sublimation blanks wholesale, we came up with the top ten list of legit, versatile, and trusted blank products, wholesale suppliers. Further, verifying through various sources and consumer reviews, we sorted the suppliers from one to ten.


Vapor apparel - Blank Wholesale t-shirt supplier

Industry Type: Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler

Product Type: Blank Performance Apparel

Vapor Apparel is a certified manufacturer and supplier of blank performance apparel to wholesale distributors and print shops for digital printing methods. Besides sublimation blanks, it is also a provider of print-on-demand services. Based on 6527 reviews and 4.5 ratings as dated – 01/03/2021, Vapor Apparel is the best manufacturer, distributor, and seller of blanks to wholesale suppliers and print shops. Its extensive global service and excellent consumer reviews secure the top position in the top 10 list.

About the Manufacturer: 

With over 15 years of industry experience, it is one of the leading sublimation blanks manufacturer
and recycled polyester blends made in America, headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, United States, with distributors in Canada, Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean.

It offers a selection of a wide variety of blank apparel, workwear, and wholesale t-shirt supplier and provides decorative and fulfillment services throughout the world. Further, it uses printing methods such as sublimation printing, screen printing, embroidery, heat transfer, and much more.

Other Features:

  • Suitable for custom apparel decorators and print shops only.
  • Sells High quality, high-performance, UV & sun-protective clothes
  • FREE Standard Shipping with an order value of more than $50.
  • Online orders ship within three days
  • 30-days return policy

Contact Information:


Unisub - Blank sigage and promotional products wholesaler

Industry Type: Manufacturer, Distributor

Product Type: Blank Signage and Promotional products

Unisub is a reputed manufacturer and seller of blank products to wholesale blank distributors for custom printing. Secures the second position in the top 10 list because it is the most highlighted popular distributor such as Bestblanks, HeatPressNation, Pro World, etc. However, it is the Manufacturer and Distributor only. Not the wholesale supplier to print shops.

About the Manufacturer: 

Headquartered in the United States, it is the leading brand that sells hard-surface sublimatable products in the United States and abroad. It has a huge catalog of thirty product categories and more than 5000 product varieties built for custom printing and personalization using vibrant, full-color graphics/artwork. From sublimation on plaques to keychains and coasters, none of the products were left untouched.

If you are a photographer, designer, and architect, you must know about Unisub’s other branch, i.e., Chromaluxe. Chromaluxe is a Unisub product and a leading manufacturer of high definition and sublimatable white substrates. Popular products are photo tiles, steel & aluminum panels, hardboard panels, fiber-reinforced plastic, and High-Definition art. It is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

Unisub is not only limited to products of self-use but also a provider of exterior signage solutions. From garden stakes to building signs, Unisub’s exterior sign products are made with a UV-resistant coating and are perfect for outdoor marking, lawn décor, advertisements, building numbers, and more. Choose from various size options, including yard signs and garden stakes, and holes for hanging or mounting building signs.

Other Features:

  • Wholesale blank supplier for signage and promotional product decoration industries. Not suitable for apparel decorators.
  • Notified supplier of hard surface products
  • All blanks are available in more than 30 product categories
  • Interior and exterior signage solution

Contact Information:


Heat Press Nation - Wholesale sublimation blanks supplier and distributor

Industry type: Wholesaler

Product Type: Blank Signage and Promotional products

HeatPressNation is completely legit and highly recommended. It is rated 4.8 stars by 58,810 reviews. With a positivity review rate of 95.6%, it secures the 87th rank among Industrial Supply sites. (Source – Sitejabber).  Moreover, it also scores 4.8 Overall Satisfaction Rating Based on 58,807 Ratings as per Shopperapproved. Therefore, the high positivity rate indicates that consumers are satisfied with the product and service. It is not a manufacturer but only a wholesale supplier. It secures the third position in the top 10 list.

About the Wholesaler:

HeatPressNation is not only the reputed wholesale supplier of sublimation blanks but also sells Heat Press Transfer Machines, Vinyl Cutters, Sublimation Systems, substrates & Accessories. Being a direct factory importer and large volume retailer, it offers the best possible price of products within the range of $5 to $900. It is a one-stop shop that sells everything from hot press equipment, sublimation inks and papers, and a wide range of sublimated products.

Headquartered in Fullerton, California, United States, it offers 27 different product categories with white printing blanks. Of popular brands like Unisub, Chromaluxe, SubliCraft. Top product categories include mugs, blank face masks, apparel, sportswear, tumblers, photo tiles, plaques, bags, ornaments, mousepads, magnets, and more.

Sublimation blanks for signage and promotional decoration industries and print shops only. Not suitable for custom apparel decorators.

Other Features:

  • Wholesale blank supplier of all products except apparel.
  • Order delivery in 3 to 6 business days.
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Offers a minimum 1-year warranty on all products
  • Accepts returns within 30 days.

Contact Information:


Pro world - Sublimation blank wholesale supplier

Industry type: Wholesaler

Product Type: Blank Signage and Promotional products

Pro World is rated the best Sublimation Blank Wholesale Suppliers of all. It proudly scores an excellent rating of 4.6/5 out of more than 3000 reviews in TrustPilot and an overall 4.8 satisfaction rating based on 20,163 Ratings in Shopperapproved. Its top reviews include the best quality product, amazing customer service, fast shipping, and great pricing. It secures the fourth position in the top 10 list of the Sublimation Blank Wholesale Suppliers with such an amazing consumer response and satisfaction. While comparing with HeatPressNation, it comes next to it.

About the Wholesaler:

Pro world, located in New Jersey, United States, is one of the largest sublimation blanks with over 40 product categories. Some of the best-seller items in retail are blank facemask, fabric, tumblers, socks, outerwear, hoodie, coater, bottle, puzzle, pillowcase, keychain, license plate, and more. The white blanks products are durable and sturdy after customizing with sublimation printing. It does not lose its quality after the heat press application.

A reputed wholesaler of 400+ variations of vinyl, heat presses, cutting equipment, sublimation printers & products, and custom transfers.

Contact Information:

Phone –
-> (800) 678-8289 (U.S. Toll-Free)
-> (856) 406-1020 (International)

Others: Contact Form


BestBlanks - Sublimation blanks seller

Industry type: Wholesaler

Product Type: Blank Apparel, Signage and Promotional products

Based on 21,704 Ratings, BestBlanks score a remarkable 4.6 Overall Satisfaction Rating as per shopper approved. Being a reputed wholesale supplier next to Pro World, it secures the fifth position in the top 10 blank suppliers list.

About the Wholesaler:

BestBlanks is the premier and leading supplier of wholesale blanks established in Clearwater, Florida, United States. It is the wholesale supplier of a wide range of products of all sizes: blank mugs, hoodies, textiles, tumblers, Mouse Pads, photo tiles, glass tiles, tote bags, aprons, light switches, Unisub, and shirts for men, women & children.

Not only sublimation blanks but also a wholesale supplier of custom printing equipment, software, and accessories. Some of them are sublimation inks, heat press equipment, engravers, vinyl cutters, direct-to-garment inks, digital heat transfer papers, and more. And the notable printing equipment such as embroidery machines, direct to garment printers, white toner transfer printings, ink cartridges, UV Printers, rhinestone machines. The leading manufacturers such as Sawgrass Technologies, Roland, Graphtec, Epson, Ricoh, and more.

Other Features:

  • Blank supplies for all types of print shop and decorators
  • Typically ship out within 1-2 business days. For faster delivery, call- 888-431-7385
  • Accept returns within 30 days
  • No Sunday delivery

Contact Information:

  • Book here – Free Demo
  • Toll-Free: 1-888-431-7385
  • Local/Int’l: 1-954-989-1250

6. RPL Supplies:

RPL Supplies - Sublimation blank products supplier

Industry type: Wholesaler

Product Type: Blank Signage and Promotional products

RPL Supplies secures 4.5 ratings both in Google and yelp reviews. Positive people reviews primarily focus on affordable prices, prompt shipment, quality products, and excellent customer service. That is why it scores sixth in the top 10 list. The best aspect of RPL supplies is that it humbly deals and does business with you, even if you are a small business. It is something unusual among other wholesale suppliers. If you are a small business, do not hesitate to approach.

About the Wholesaler:

RPL Supplies is located in Garfield, United States. It is a wholly dedicated wholesale supplier of sublimation blanks, materials, equipment, support, and training. Blank products include pet products, bags, drinkware, glass, jewelry, office supplies, tumbler, mobile case, signage, plaques & trophy, photo tiles, and more. Pricing starts from $1. Moreover, if you start a printing business at home, this is the best place to buy blanks at a low cost.

  • Suitable for signage and promotional product decorators and industries.
  • Accepts returns within 30 days

Contact Information:


Coastal Business Supplies - Bulk supplier, blank printing wholesale supplies, cheapest price

Industry type: Wholesaler, Distributor

Product Type: Blank Apparel, Signage and Promotional products

Based on more than 1500 reviews and a 98% positivity rate, Coastal Business supplies are mostly reviewed for superior product quality and fast shipping. However, it ranks seventh in the top 10 list due to some customer service dissatisfaction, as reported by some consumers. However, it is limited to some regions, which the company may have resolved.

About the Wholesaler:

Coastal business supplies are bulk wholesale supplies of specialty printing blanks and equipment for any customized merchandise business. Headquartered in Maryland Heights, Missouri, United States, it sells around 16 categories of sublimation printing blanks in different sizes. Some of the main blank product categories include Coffee Mugs and Drinkware, Apparel, Office Gifts, tumbler, Mobile Phone Cases & Photo Prints, and Signage.

  • Blank supplies for all types of print shops and decorators.
  • Same-day shipping
  • Free Shipping on orders of $149 or above
  • Accepts returns within 15 days

Contact Information:


Conde - Sublimation blank product supplier in bulk

Industry type: Wholesaler

Product Type: Blank Apparel, Signage and Promotional products

After analyzing consumer reviews in Google and Better Business Bureau, we found a contradiction. CONDE Systems secured a remarkable rating of 4.8 in Google, whereas it slips down to 3.5 in Better Business Bureau as dated – 01/03/2021. Simultaneously, we cannot undermine the positive customer reviews regarding superior product quality, excellent customer service, and fast shipments. However, we cannot undermine consumer complaints regarding low product quality, service, and refund problems. Moreover, we do not have sufficient data regarding the resolution of registered complaints to date,  but we too have a verdict on it. However, the complaints are less in number compared to positive feedback. Therefore, considering all factors, CONDE secures 8th position in the top 10 list of blank wholesale suppliers.

About the Wholesaler:

CONDE,  headquartered in Alabama, United States, has been in the custom printing supplies business for 27 years. It is a wholesale supplier of sublimation blanks, sublimation printers, heat press machines, sublimation inks, and more. Additionally, it sells many blank substrates, custom apparel, signage, and promotional products decoration industry. Some of its popular products include vapor shirts fit for kids & adults, fleece, drinkware, phone covers, bags, tumbler, pet gifts, auto products, and more.

  • Wholesale blank products for all types of decoration industries
  • Order delivery within 3-4 business days.
  • Free Shipping for list pricing.

Contact Information:

Phone – 1-800-826-6332 ,  251-633-5704

9. Middle Graphics:

Middle Graphics - Sublimation mug wholesale supplier, blank drinkware, ceramic mug, tumbler, coffee mug, glass drinkware

Industry type: Wholesaler

Product Type: Blank Drinkware products only

Middle Graphics is a Canada-based blank products supplier that has successfully secured 4.1 ratings as per Google reviews dated – 01/03/2021.

The positive reviews primarily focused on great products and prices, excellent communication, and timely in-stock items. The blanks are bright white with a minimal margin of error compared to other suppliers.

However, it secures a ninth position in the top 10 list because it has a limited product range under a single category only, i.e., ‘drinkware.’

About the Wholesaler:

Middle Graphics is a wholesale distributor of dye sublimation blank printables. mobile cases, fabrics, mugs, keyrings, and much more. Some of the highlighted products include Ceramic Mugs, Glass DrinkWare, tumbler, Water Bottles, HD Subli Sheeting, HD Inks. Pricing starts from $1.5.

  • Wholesale blank product supplier of mugs/drinkware only.
  • Accepts returns two weeks after purchase.

Contact Information:


SepsGraphics - blank photo ties suppliers, blank apparel, signange, promotional products supplier

Industry type: Wholesaler

Product Type: Blank Apparel, Signage and Promotional products

As per Google, Yelp, and Birdeye, we didn’t find many reviews, although it secures a rating of 5.0 as dated – 01/03/2021. Although the reviews were less, customers were happy with their customer service. Moreover, due to fewer reviews, it secures the tenth position in the top 10 list. On the positive side, we did not find consumer complaints against this SepsGraphics as dated – 01/03/2021. Therefore, we find it to be legit and genuine.

About the Wholesaler:

Sepsgraphics is the wholesale supplier of sublimation blanks, heat press blanks, equipment, accessories, DTG, rhinestone supplies, label supplies, 3D supplies, and more. Further, it offers over 8,000 blanks, imprintables, Unisub blanks, Wholesale Blanks to the print shops and decoration industries.

Headquartered in Birmingham, England, it sells a broad range of equipment and supplies. Likewise, some of them are Direct to Garment printers, offset printers, digital printers, screen printers and supplies, Engraving & rhinestone machines, etc.

Moreover, some of the products are vapor apparel, jackets, canvas, mugs, mousepads, coasters, puzzles, tiles, tumblers, t-shirts, and thousands more.

  • 30-days return policy. It does not include sublimation inks
  • No minimum dollar purchase

Contact information:

  • Phone –
    -> 205-444-5554
    -> 1-800-886-3331

Final Words:

We did extensive research to find and sort the top 10 Sublimation Blank Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers. Based on the outcome, we found that Vapor Apparel tops the list because it is the top-rated manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler. And Unisub is the reputed manufacturer and distributor only to secure in the second. In comparison, Sepsgraphics secures the tenth position due to fewer positive reviews.

Moreover, HeatPressNation, RPL Supplies, Pro world, and Middle Graphics are some of the preferred blank signage and promotional products. On the other hand, BestBlanks, Sanmar, Coastal Business supplies, Conde, and Sepsgraphics supplies blank apparel, signage, and promotional products.

Lastly, we invite your valuable comments regarding the top 10 list. We welcome your reviews and experience.

Related Questions:

1. What is the accurate heat press time and temperature to sublimate mugs?

The accurate temperature to sublimate mugs is 325 degrees Fahrenheit for a time of 4 minutes.

2. What is the accurate heat press time and temperature to sublimate 15 oz. Mugs?

The accurate temperature to sublimate 15 oz. Mugs are 400 degrees Fahrenheit for a time of 4:15 minutes.

3. Can you convert the HP printer into a sublimation printer?

No, you cannot convert an HP printer into a sublimation printer because its prin heads expel ink using heat. Unlike piezo print heads in Epson printers which are generally converted for sublimation.

4. Can you bleach polyester?

You cannot bleach polyester. Further, the sublimation print would likely disappear as well.

5. How to prevent grey printing as brown?

You can prevent grey printing as brown by performing a nozzle check of your printer. Also, check whether the cyan channel is working properly.

6. What causes black spots on sublimated fabrics?

Black spots on sublimated fabrics are caused due to ink that is not being absorbed well by the transfer paper. The print dwells as a layer on the surface of the paper. Once it comes in contact with the fabric, small freckles from the ink and paper coating chip off on it. It usually happens when you have high-contrast artwork.

7. How to prevent black spots on sublimated fabrics?

You can prevent black spots on sublimated fabrics by reducing the ink deposit or increasing the thickness of the sublimation paper so that it fully absorbs the ink.

8. Can I sublimate an ash grey t-shirt with a black print?

Yes, you can sublimate an ash grey shirt with a black print that will clearly show up. Black print will show up on white, grey, navy blue, and a red tee-shirt.

9. Can you heat press on plates?

Yes, you can heat press on plates provided you pre-press the plate under medium pressure for 10 minutes and then press with the printed transfer.

10. What is the ICC profile in the printer?

ICC profile in printers is a specific color profile for the ink, printer, paper, and substrate. Every printer is installed with a specific ICC profile which the supplier provides. When using product design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, Gimp, make sure it supports your printer ICC profiles.

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