Why DTG Printing Light White Instead of White White?

Why DTG Printing Light White Instead of White White?

Your DTG printing machines prints light white instead of white. You have done a couple of head cleanings, ink flushing, checked all lines, and had no problem with the pretreatment. All seems to be ok. But still, you are getting the printing white. We have a couple of solutions to check your issues. Moreover, it is not only for white ink but also applicable to related problems in CMYK. Please read below for the appropriate printing solution.

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Tips to Prevent DTG Printing Light White Instead of White White:

Here are the four important tips to prevent DTG from printing light white instead of white white

1. Remove air from Dampers

Removing air from dampers is known as priming. The air gets into the dampers for a couple of reasons, such as flushing out ink for head cleaning, changing dampers, changing ink heads, and printer setup.

2. Steps to remove air from dampers:

You can do this for both white or CMYK ink channels.

  1. Remove the ink channel(white in this case) from the maintenance line and attach a 20 ml medical syringe(without needle) into it.
  2. Pull the syringe to draw the ink until it goes through the dampers and the printhead.
  3. When you pull the ink through the syringe, you may gradually notice the air from the lines or fluid that builds up in the dampers.
  4. Pull a little more to make sure the dampers are full of ink, and the fluid is out of the system.
  5. Now, crimp the line you are working on and pinch them in the clip on the side of the module.
  6. Now, pull on the syringe again, hold it, and do not let it go back to maintain the pressure, or your ink will go back into the dampers.
  7. When the foam and ink stop flowing, remove the clip from the ink line while keeping the pressure on the syringe.

3. Check the waste-line:

Check for the waistline if they are clogged, partially clogged, or pinched. It may cause the same problem.

Open the waste tank and use a syringe to pull from the end. Moreover, this should be performed as a part of the monthly maintenance.

4. Check the ribbon cable:

The trouble is that you have tried all the possible solutions. CMYK channels, dampers, ink flow from the ink tube, capping station, and waste pad seem ok. Then, you performed the nozzle check of white channels seems to be ok. Still, you cannot print with white, and the ink does not supply enough the head.

The last thing to check is the ribbon cable. Check whether it is correctly bound or not to find any traces of liquid between the cable and head switch. Try cleaning the cable with thin and delicate sandpaper, then connect the head again. Check no white ink is coming out of the tubes.

If it does not work, the white ink channels may have been damaged, or you need to replace the ribbon cable.

I hope that helps you.

Written by Leandro Rivas

Leandro Rivas is a direct-to-garment printing expert with over 7 years of experience in the field. He has since become an expert in direct-to-garment printing, utilizing his creativity and technical expertise to create unique and eye-catching designs on a wide range of clothing items. He runs several t-shirt customization stores across California, where he works with clients to create custom designs that perfectly match their style and vision.

In addition to his work in the fashion industry, Leandro is also an active member of his community. He frequently volunteers at local schools and community centers, sharing his love of art and design with young people and inspiring them to pursue their passions.

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