5 Most Popular Color T-shirts for DTG Printing

5 Most Popular Color T-shirts for DTG Printing

Which t-shirt color has achieved the biggest popularity of all time? Five color t-shirts are the most popular among the public. The same is applied to your DTG printing business, where customers want to get it printed on their favorite color t-shirts.

The color of the shirt always plays an important role in the printed design. A tightly woven shirt provides a great surface for the ink. You achieve a greater ink saturation with a higher resolution upon a strong underbase. Moreover, it avoids bleeding and migration problems after curing.

Top 5 Popular Color T-shirts for DTG Printing:

Particularly, Black, White, Navy, Royal, and Athletic Grey color t-shirts are the most popular make-up more sales than all the other colors combined. So, let us discuss all.

1. White shirt:

White t-shirts are the most popular and best for DTG printing. Because you would be able to get manageable prints without pretreatment. However, light pretreatment is recommended for vibrant and long-lasting prints.

Next, one of the most important aspects of a white shirt is no white ink. More to say, when we apply CMYK prints on dark garments or light-colored garments other than white, we print onto a layer of white ink. We do not apply the CMYK ink directly onto the fabric as it absorbs and fades the print.

While a white tshirt is already white, it isn’t beneficial to apply white ink onto it. That saves your money. Although the application of CMYK inks over white ink lasts longer than the direct application onto the garment(white or black), it won’t be worth the price you get.

Summing up, the application of light pretreatment directly printing with CMYK inks is easy and profitable to your custom printing business.

Best DTG White shirts: American Apparel 2456W, Port & Company PC380, Gildan 2700, District DT7500

2. Black shirt:

We achieve bright and brilliant prints when the background is dark. However, it isn’t only to have a dark t-shirt for achieving DTG color look impressive. Even and consistent pretreatment, CMYK prints onto a white underbase for long-lasting prints even after a couple of washes.

Although it is comparatively challenging to DTG print on black tees as white, it is equally popular for customers and eventually printshop.

Best DTG Blackshirts: Anvil 980, American apparel 2001w, Comfort colors 4900, District DT6300, cornerstone CS430, etc

3. Navy Blue Color T-shirts for DTG Printing:

The popularity of t-shirt colors is customer-centric. When the consumer demands a custom print on the navy blue shirt, although it is challenging, you can’t give a “no” replay. Usually, the color we see on the monitor does not come out similar to its printed version on hands.

Remember that the colors will look different when printed on various garment brands, styles, colors, etc.  Many variables can affect color output and accuracy.

Best DTG Navy blue shirts: American Apparel 2007W, Sport-Tek ST356, Port & Company PC381LS, Gildan 42400.

4. Royal Blue:

Royal Blue is as popular as navy blue shirts for DTG printing. However, it is equally harder to pretreat any bright color. This is why so many print shops stick to only printing certain colors of shirts that they can do successfully.

However, if you are starting with a royal blue t-shirt, you have to do some experiments to determine if you can get a sellable product for your customer.

Best DTG Royal Blue shirts: Gildan 2200, Port & Company PC600P, Hanes 5250, Anvil 990B, BELLA+CANVAS BC3001U

5. Athletic Grey:

Also known as sports grey, heather grey t-shirts. It is one of the popular colored t-shirts for DTG printing. It is comparatively easy to print on gray than black because the white underbase does not leave a dull appearance as printing on a completely black one.  You easily achieve brighter prints, as in the case of the white t-shirts.

Best DTG Athletic Grey shirts: Bella-Canvas C3001U, Port & Company PC61, Port & Company USA100LS, Delta Pro 11730


Written by Leandro Rivas

Leandro Rivas is a direct-to-garment printing expert with over 7 years of experience in the field. He has since become an expert in direct-to-garment printing, utilizing his creativity and technical expertise to create unique and eye-catching designs on a wide range of clothing items. He runs several t-shirt customization stores across California, where he works with clients to create custom designs that perfectly match their style and vision.

In addition to his work in the fashion industry, Leandro is also an active member of his community. He frequently volunteers at local schools and community centers, sharing his love of art and design with young people and inspiring them to pursue their passions.

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