5 Biggest Fashion Trends Right Now

5 Biggest Fashion Trends Right Now

ISPO reports that the future fashion trends will focus on health, well being, lower carbon footprint, digitized fashion in metaverse, and live shopping.

We are living in an era where unique fashion is always the statement. And hey, gone those days when we used have some sort of sensible rules, and set of structure of wear apparel. Things have gone out of the box.

The lines between the traditional and modern fashion has blurred, thus leaving consumers grapple with what’s hot coming and what’s so called old-fashioned.

The traditional style had a temporary multitude of mind-boggling circumstances. In addition, the bipolar weather of traditional and modern fashion continues to affect each fashion season. Thus, it taps into today’s market with interesting results. It generates fresh and accommodating styles and popular looks that have carried over from years.

From room fits to corporate outfits, the attire to the perfect orchestrate to the years fashion trends:

1. Fitted vs. Loose-fitting clothes:

The famous battle between fitted and lose-fitting clothes has been fought over years. A pendulum swinging back and forth is favor and against of each side. Moreover, when we look into the present landscape, it seems that looser fits currently are prevailing.

Oversized apparel is gaining a popularity. Among mostly among women, you may recall mom jeans.

Moreover, Kelly Sutton, senior marketing manager for Hanes Printwear says, some wont have dual options of going up a size or buy unisex.

With larger options for baggier garments prevailing now and then, it has become a key to street fashion.

As per Eric Sinseollo, the vice president of Strategic Business of Next Level Apparel, loose t-shirts with fit bottoms accentuates bagginess of a t-shirt. A loose-fitting outfit fosters inclusivity and appeals to a wider range of people.

Moreover, we cannot forget the fitted styles. In fact, the success of shapewear has kept the prolonged competition of fitted clothes with baggy ones. But the condition is that the tight fabric stretches with the wearer.

The marketing director of Lane Seven Apparel, Alexis Shubin has a mixed opinion on this. He says, it is not about fitted vs loose clothes. It is about how your interpretation and comfortability. You may talk about Billie Eilish who wear oversized Gucci top or Hailey Bieber with oversized drew hoodie. You may even talk about Kim Kardashian’s skims. It totally depends about how separate yourselves, and just rock.

2. Athleisure:

Athleisure has taken a different turn. That is to say, it is has become more like a work leisure. A more prominent name for work-from-home fashion.

In fact, athleisure has more or less become a business casual. Interestingly, it never gets old. Whether it is a crop over a sports bra or shorts and skirts over leggings.

Most importantly, it uses sustainable materials that makes it affordable. Even it is good for product decorations in screen printing and sublimation.

As we could see the casual workforce has more inclination towards athleisure for remote wok. It favors the office apparel trends.

Whether you are working from home or physically at office, athleisure is treated as a  go-to silhouette.

Especially the hues and natural earth colors are  accentuates the color palette of various and collections these days.

An alternative to more traditional everyday outfit, it becomes the perfect layering piece under blazers, joggers, that are stretchy and stylish.

3. Layering:

Seasonal clothing has become the old way. Layering offers the most flexibility for men and women to style infinite ways for all seasons. Layering clothing is a dressing on top of other garments. Like you wear jacket over your shirt. The jacket is called layering clothing.

Layered clothing features soft, draping fabrics that does not feel like bulk wearables. The old days when there used to be summer and winter wardrobe, and we used to have them in our selves. Specific clothing for specific season.

But the fashion trends has turned towards versatile styles of clothing. We define versatile clothing as the one that we can wear from the gym to clubs to dinner. In addition, it also means to wear apparel for most of the year. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, summer or winter, layering clothing is the game changer.

Layering clothing is indeed creative and fun, like story telling through the colors and arrangement of the layers.

Moreover, in the post work-from-home era, emphasizes on remerchandising of apparel already in people’s closet.

Thus, you can wear a long-line tee with sweater and oversized-zip underneath. You can match items in a minimum tonal colorway or focus on neutrals with pop-color piece.

4. Outerwear:

Fleece reins in the outerwear section. It is popular and bagged by the modern tags of fresh, eco-friendly and sustainable clothing. It marks the statement that how style and sustainability come together.

Even you will find silhouette as both practical and stylish with crew neck t-shirts, hoodies, and quarter-zip; thus providing a classic fit. Thus you can easily drop on shoulder for added comfort.

Fleece has been a dominating force across all demography. Indeed, it remains a staple of everyday wear and continues evolving.

If you could recall of a brand like Patagonia, it has set a standard for a  eco-apparel that they continue to level up for innovations in upgrading the garment manufacturing fabric and process.

5. Bottoms:

Bottoms are determined by their comfort fit and style, as a necessity aspect for the consumers in this category.

It drives companies to boost up making joggers, leggings, shorts, etc. as a mainstream apparel for everyday or casual use.

If you could recall, years back there used to be loungewear as the widely known style statement, that were indeed uncomfortable. But the latest fashion trends more of style statement which not only focuses on looks but also comfort.

While, sweatshirts, joggers and fleece are going to stay for some time, they are likely to elevate with pops of pastels, luxe details such as metal-tipped draw cords as more fashionable fits.

Moreover, leggings have been the staple wear for women, thus providing an excellent base for layering any outfit. Furthermore, the ribbed leg-jogger for men are likely to come back in recent years.

Final words:

It will be too interesting to see how the fashion geeks, stylists, apparel decorators, designers, and manufacturing industries develop and promote their new ways of style state.

Thus, it leads to new ways to decorate and customize products for a large consumer base.

Written by Lana Redman

Lana Redman is a talented fashion designer with over five years of experience in the fashion industry. She was born and raised in the United States and has always had a passion for fashion from a young age.

Over the years, Lana has worked on a variety of fashion projects, ranging from designing haute couture gowns to creating trendy streetwear collections. She is known for her attention to detail, creative vision, and ability to translate her clients' visions into reality.

In her free time, Lana enjoys reading fashion blogs and keeping up with the latest trends in the industry. She also enjoys traveling and drawing inspiration from different cultures and styles.

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