3 Popular Hacks to Fix Poor Nozzle Check in DTG Printer After Heavy Cleans

How to Fix Poor Nozzle Check in DTG Printer After Heavy Cleans?

You have a new or an old DTG printer. When you perform the nozzle check, it comes out bad/poor—the CMYK ink prints about half the requirement.

The white channels don’t even print at all. Although you had 3-4 light head cleanings, medium cleanings & more than three heavy cleanings, you still get a bad nozzle check.

Important Tips to Fix Poor Nozzle Check-in DTG Printer:

Heavy cleaning per ink channel in a printer takes about 3 minutes & 30 seconds that removes 27 ml ink, costing you around $9.32.

However, it does not fix the poor nozzle check after performing several head cleanings. If you are facing similar problems, follow the procedure below to solve such DTG printer issues:

1. Flush out ink channel/channels:

You may face poor nozzle checks with a single or multiple ink channels. The appropriate way is to start with cleaning out the ink cartridge. Then fill it with the cleaning solution and then performing a couple of heavy head cleans.

To see the progress of unblocking nozzles, you can print on some purge files or some unused/unwanted papers to see the progress.

Usually, after 2-3 head cleaning, printed on purge files, you will see positive results. Most importantly, do not run the head cleaning operation more than three times in a row.

If the problem persists, take some time and resume it afterward. Otherwise, check the air in the ink damper. Or clean the ink cartridge with some warm water and alcohol.

2. Replace the ink Dampers/CR Duct:

If the above step does not work, better change the ink damper and flush the ink channel with the cleaning solution. For that, you may take help from your DTG printer supplier.

3. Contact your Supplier:

Still, you are not done with your DTG printer issues, contact your service provider for technical maintenance and parts replacement.


It is necessary to perform regular cleaning of ink channels to prevent getting stuck with your DTG printer. That saves your time and ink wastage with a light nozzle check done every day.

Written by Leandro Rivas

Leandro Rivas is a direct-to-garment printing expert with over 7 years of experience in the field. He has since become an expert in direct-to-garment printing, utilizing his creativity and technical expertise to create unique and eye-catching designs on a wide range of clothing items. He runs several t-shirt customization stores across California, where he works with clients to create custom designs that perfectly match their style and vision.

In addition to his work in the fashion industry, Leandro is also an active member of his community. He frequently volunteers at local schools and community centers, sharing his love of art and design with young people and inspiring them to pursue their passions.

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