Top 10 Best Direct To Garment Printers(DTG) with Cost for Print Business

Top 10 DTG Printers with Price for Printshop

Direct to garment printers are suitable for both dark & light-colored garments, t-shirts, hats, towels, mousepads, jeans, onesies for kids, and more. Moreover, the best DTG printer completely depends upon the type of print business. Such as budget, production volume, apparel, embellishments, and your experience. What may be the best for one that won’t be a good one for others?

Therefore, we have listed the top 10 direct to garment printers, which are best-rated, best-sellers, and hold a majority of positive feedback from users.

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List of the Best Direct To Garment Printers in the Product Decoration Industry:

  1. Ricoh Ri 2000
  2. Ricoh Ri 1000
  3. Brother GTX
  4. Epson f2100
  5. Epson SureColor 3070
  6. M&R Maverick
  7. Coldesi DTG G4
  8. Polyprint Texjet Echo 2
  9. Polyprint Texjet Shortee 2
  10. Freejet 330tx plus

Which is the best Direct to garment(DTG) printer? Today the best and top DTG printer in the market is Ricoh Ri 2000 which is priced around $20,950, suitable for small printing business. It can print high-resolution images with complex color details with a white underbase in less than 10 seconds. Moreover, both Ri 2000 and Ri 1000 are compatible for direct to film(DTF) printing.

You can print any digital image on t-shirts, facemasks, hoodies, tote bags, etc. The automatic head cleaning and white ink agitation system save time, easy-to-use and maintenance. Lastly, it has dual ink carriages that save ink by producing the smallest ink drop size of 3pl.

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10 Best Direct To Garment Printers with Cost:

The following list of direct to garment printers are compatible with CMYK and White ink color configurations to print dark and white/light-colored garments. The following list includes the printer cost, ink cost, and printer specifications. The information, especially the price, is liable to change from time to time. Please contact the supplier/seller for further information. So, let us start with the best DTG machines list.

1. Ricoh Ri 2000:

Ricoh ri 2000 direct to garment printer

  • Ricoh Printer Price: $20,950
  • Ink Cost: $61 per 200 ml
  • Suitable for: Small to Medium Scale Production

Ricoh Ri 2000 is the newly launched DTG and DTF printer.  It is suitable to print on several substrates such as 100% cotton and high-cotton blends, 100% light poly, up to 50/50 dark poly, wood, canvas, and more. Specific products include t-shirts, face masks, hoodies, tote bags, socks, and more. It produces breakneck print speeds, easy to operate, and simplified maintenance to the list’s top position.

Note: RICOH Ri 3000 and Ri 6000 direct-to-garment printers were discontinued on August 1, 2020. Further, the availability of ink, supplies, replacement parts will be available till the end of August 1, 2022, or till the supplies last.

Number of Colors:

It holds Genuine Ricoh-approved water-based pigmented CMYK and white inks.  Moreover, it has 8 Ricoh printheads, 16 ink channels with 192 nozzles per channel.

Print Speed:

Ri 2000 can print a 10-inch x 8-inch graphic in just 9 seconds on light-colored garments. However, super fine print quality takes 58 seconds. On the other hand, the typical print speed to print 10-inch x 8-inch graphics on dark garments is 54 seconds. Superfine print quality takes 97 seconds.

Maximum Print Area:

Ri 2000 can print a maximum area of 16” x 19.6” / 40.6 cm x 49.8 cm images with optional large platen. Moreover, you get a maximum print resolution of 1200×1200 dpi/8 pass.


It has a precise ink monitoring & auto ink maintenance system. Moreover, the automated print head cleaning prevents clogging. And a power surge system that fills or removes ink from the system.

Printer Dimensions:

The overall dimension of Ricoh Ri 2000 is 20.5″H x 65.4″L x 34″W. Moreover, it weighs around 308.6 lbs (140 kg).


Ricoh Ri 2000 has an overall 1-Year Limited Warranty. Moreover, it has 90 days limited warranty on parts & repair work.


2. Ricoh RI 1000:

Ricoh ri1000 - Commercial dtg printer

  • Ricoh Ri 1000 direct to garment printer Cost: $15,000
  • Ink Cost: $61 per 200ml cartridge each color
  • Suitable for: Small to medium scale production 

Ricoh Ri 1000 is one of the most popular and best-selling direct to garment and DTF printers out of all other brands. It is mostly preferred for small to medium-level production requirements. It is easy to use, efficient, and affordable garment decoration solution. You can easily custom print on the fabric made of 100% cotton, cotton blends with a minimum of 50% cotton, 100% light polyester. Although it has a Ricoh 1000 that many DTG print shops still use, it is quite a decade-old printing machine.

Number of Colors:

The Ricoh ri 1000 has 4 Ricoh Piezo ink heads with 8 channels, each having 192 nozzles. It uses water-based garment ink of CMYK + 2White color configuration. Moreover, it achieves a maximum print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi.

Print Speed:

It takes 60 seconds to print 10″x 8″ images (CMYK) on garments. And 140 seconds for CMYK + White prints.

Maximum Print Area:

Ricoh Ri 1000 achieves a maximum printable area of 406 x 508 mm. Further, it easily fits for platens of various sizes, from children’s sizes to super-wide designs, with minimum downtime. You can switch easily between the multiple platens of up to 406.4mm x 508mm.


Ricoh ri has automated maintenance sequences that save operators time detecting issues and solutions. As a result, it makes the device easier to use and maintain. While it is installed with automatic cleaning functions and white ink circulation to ensure the Ri 1000 is ready to print whenever you are.

Printer Dimensions:

The overall dimension of Ricoh RI 1000 is 862 x 1325 x 480 mm. It weighs 110 kg.


Ricoh provides a 1-year warranty on its direct to garment printers. Moreover, it has 90 days limited warranty on parts & repair work.


Document: Ricoh RI 1000 pdf download

3. Brother GTX:

Brother GTX DTG Printer

  • DTG Printer Price: $24,500
  • Ink Cost: $254 CMYK/500 ml & $227 White/500ml
  • Suitable for: Large Scale Production

The Brother GTX Pro B model is a high volume direct to garment printer. The lower model is Brother GTX Pro which is suitable for medium-scale production. The basic difference between Brother GTX Pro & Brother GTX Pro B is print speed and dimensions. In comparison, other features remain almost similar. Moreover, in addition to direct to garment printers, Brother is also a global manufacturer and supplier of sewing machines.

Number of Colors:

Brother GTX has water-based CMYK pigment and white inks.  It has a piezo head with 2 print heads, each having 8 ink channels. Moreover, it has different print modes, i.e., single or double with CMYK and under base with white.

Print Speed:

It can print up to 42 dark garments & 57 light garments per hour. With 11” x 11” design at 1200 x 1200 dpi in cmyk+white in high-speed/standard CMYK print mode.

Maximum Print Area:

Brother GTX Pro B dtg machine achieves a maximum print size of 16″ x 21″(40.6 cm x 53.3 cm).


It has internal agitation, and recirculating white ink keeps the ink in suspension and minimizes maintenance routines. As a result, it allows more time to print, prevents clogging and frequent maintenance. Additionally, it comes with a Humidity Sensor to ensure your digital tshirt printing operates in the correct environment. Moreover, you need not replace ink cartridges. The Innobella Ink manufactured by Brother is refillable.

Printer Dimensions:

The overall dimension of Brother GTX pro B is 70″ x 51″ x 48″(1780mm x 1300mm x 1210mm). Moreover, its weight is 364lbs(165kg).


The Brother GTX printers come with a 1-year warranty. Moreover, the item can be returned/replaced within 30 days of the receipt. T&C


Brother’s Customer Service: (877) 427-6843

4. Epson f2100:

Epson f2100

  • Price: $17,995.00
  • Ink Cost:  $241.00 per 600ml cartridge per color(C, M, Y, K, White)
  • Suitable for: Small to medium scale production

Epson f2100 is one of the best-seller direct to garment printers for custom t-shirts, mousepads, towels, onesies, pillow covers, aprons, shoes, hats, and more. You can adjust the platen height from 0.5 mm to 25 mm thick depending upon the product.

Number of Colors:

The Epson shirt printer comes with CMYK + W ink color configuration with 10-channel print heads, each having 360 nozzles. It has 6 color cartridges of 600ml capacity each and 1 cleaning cartridge of 700ml. Moreover, it comes with five optional platens, i.e., extra small, small, medium grooved, large, and sleeve. It is suitable to customize garments for toddlers, kids, youth, and adults.

Print Speed:

Epson f2100 takes 15 seconds to print a 10 x 8 inches image on a white t-shirt. At the same time, it takes 50 seconds to print a 10 x 8 inches image on a black tee shirt.

Maximum Print Area:

Epson f2100 produces a maximum printing area of 16” x 20” with a maximum print resolution of up to 1440×1440 dpi for White Ink & 1440×720 dpi for Color Ink.


Epson f2100 has an integrated automatic cleaning system that allows the printer to perform daily maintenance to reduce downtime. The self-cleaning process keeps the printer fresh and ready for the next day. Moreover, it comes with a printer maintenance kit.

Printer Dimensions:

The overall dimensions of the Epson f2100 is 39″W x 59″D x 20″H (985 x 1,485 x 490 mm). So, you can use it in a small space. It weighs 183 lb (83 kg).


Epson provides a standard 1-year onsite warranty on the garment printer.


Documents: Epson f2100 pdf download

5. Epson SureColor 3070:

Epson SureColor 3070 dtg printer

  • Price: $49,995.00
  • Ink Cost: $55.00/ink color
  • Suitable for: Medium to Large Scale Production

Epson SureColor SC-F3070 is direct to garment printer designed for start-ups and businesses engaged in the personalized T-shirt printing business.

Number of Colors:

Epson SureColor 3070 uses a five-color ink configuration, i.e., Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black & White. It produces a maximum print resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 DPI at a minimum ink droplet size of 12.1 pl. Moreover, it has an ink storage capacity of 1,500 ml.

Print Speed:

You can print a light-colored garment in 14 seconds and a dark-colored garment in 26 seconds with 1,200 x 600 dpi resolution.

High-Quality Prints:

Epson’s Micro Piezo Technology is an ink droplet placement technology that creates accurate dot alignment at high print speeds. While maintaining the density of white ink helps to produce brighter colors on darker garments.


It has automatic maintenance features such as a dust catcher and auto cap cleaning. The dedicated cleaning solution channels and fabric head wiper system keep the system running with less downtime maintenance.

Printer Dimensions:

The overall dimensions of the Epson DTG shirt printer is 1,712‎ x 1,809 x 1,336 mm (Width x Depth x Height). Moreover, it weighs 330 kg.


The Epson SureColor 3070 comes with a 1-year warranty. T&C


Toll-free: (888) 377-6611, (562) 276-1305 (U.S. and Canada).

6. M&R Maverick:

M&R Maverick: Industrial DTG printer

  • Price: Not available
  • Ink Cost: Not available
  • Suitable for: Large Scale Production(Industrial t-shirt printer)

M&R Maverick is an industrial-grade DTG machine that is suitable for garment decoration industries. It is designed for Fast, full-color prints, automatic ink-recirculation to prevent clogging, and have dual shuttling independent pallets. Moreover, it comes with two standard size pallets. They are sleeve: 13 x 51 cm (5” x 20”) with a printable area of 10 x 48 cm (4” x 19”) and Youth: 25 x 51 cm (10” x 20”) with a printable area of 23 x 48 cm (9” x 19”).

Number of Colors:

The Maverick has 12 printheads. Six for white ink and the other six for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Red, and Green inks. It has 5-liter main tanks and two 5-liter white main tanks. Each printhead has 1,280 nozzles to achieve 600 DPI native resolution in single-pass mode and 600 x 1200 DPI in dual-pass mode.

Print Speed:

The M&R Maverick is a high-quality commercial garment printer that prints 100 full-size, dark shirts per hour and up to 130 white shirts per hour. Moreover, it achieves a maximum print resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi. The DTG printing machine is capable of 2,000 prints a day.

Maximum Print Area:

The M&R Maverick covers a maximum print area of 38 x 48.25 cm (15” x 19”). Moreover, it comes with a standard pallet size of 40.6 x 50.8 cm (16” x 20”)


The industrial print to garment printer is constructed with heavy-duty, fully-welded steel chassis. It is installed with an industrial bearing rail system and magnetic encoder that provides precise and trouble-free movement to ensure long-term operation. Moreover, the printheads are made of commercial-grade steel for excellent durability and extended life. After all, it is an M&R product.

Printer Dimensions:

The overall dimenisions of M&R Maverick is 190 x 305 x 229 cm (75″ x 120″ x 90″). Moreover, its shipping weight is 1597 kg (3520 lb).


M&R Maverick has a 1-year limited warranty. Parts & supplies are available at M&R.


7. Coldesi DTG G4:

Coldesi DTG G4 - Digital garment printer, best t-shirt printer

  • Price: $19,995 – $28,070
  • Ink Cost: $72.00 per 200ml cartridge(Kodak Ink) 
  • Suitable for: Small to medium scale production

Coldesi DTG G4 is a professional direct-to-garment printer exclusively for t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, hoodies, and more. The simple-to-use DTG printer comes with a 7″ Touch screen interface for easy control and display of ink levels in all cartridges, automatic cleaning, vacuum platen to decrease ink wastage and frequent print head maintenance, and more.

Number of Colors:

It comes with a 4 x Ricoh Piezo (CMYK + W) print head with 192 nozzles per color. Moreover, it comes with 768 nozzles (192 x 4) dedicated nozzles for white ink. Further, it has 6 cartridges (CMYK+2W) color configurations with a 200ml ink storage capacity.

Print Speed:

With Coldesi DTG M4, you can print a White T-Shirt with an 8×10 inch design(CMYK) within 28 seconds of 600x600dpi resolution in 2 passes. And a Black T-shirt with an 8×10 inch design(CMYK+W) within 55 seconds of 600x600dpi in 4 pass. Overall, you can print 1,000 shirts per month.

Maximum Print Area:

DTG G4 produces a maximum print size of 16 x 20 inches with a maximum print resolution of 1200 x 1200 (16 passes)


The DTG G4 does not spray the ink directly onto the t-shirt. It uses Vacuum Platen that prevents the ink from spraying out into the air and directs entirely on the t-shirt. As a result, you get quality and vibrant prints, no ink wastage, and no daily maintenance of printheads. Moreover, the G4 uses Kodak inks that need fewer head cleanings & less automated maintenance. You can leave the printer for 30 days not printing, and it does not affect the production when you start again.

Printer Dimensions:

The overall size of the DTG G4 is 53.5 x 38.5 x 18.3 inches. It weights 98kg(216 lbs).


The DTG G4 has a 2-year warranty, including one year on print heads.


5. Polyprint Texjet Echo 2:

Poly TexJet echo2 dtg printer

  • Price: $10,335.00
  • Ink Cost: $40.00/160 ml each ink color
  • Suitable for: Medium Scale Production

Texjet Echo 2 is a hybrid dtg equipment that combines direct to garment printers and screen printers (optional). Screen printing skips pre-treatment and costs less with a white base on dark fabrics, whereas digital printing is perfect for CMYK colors that save time and money by avoiding multiple screens. The printable textiles include cotton, light-colored polyester, cotton/poly blends, linen, viscose, leather, canvas, denim, and more.

Number of Colors:

Texjet has a color setup for light, dark, or both types of garments. It comes with two color configurations—one with CMYK +4W for both light and dark garments. And the second one 2x CMYK color configuration for faster printing on light garments or designs without white ink. Additionally, it also comes with Dupont (CMYKW) and Power Inks (CMYK) color configuration for increased vibrancy and more wash fastness.

Print Speed:

Generally, it takes 120 seconds to print on darks and 60 seconds to print on white garments. You can produce 50 t-shirts in two hours. It is best for high-volume runs in daily use.

Maximum Print Area:

It covers a maximum print area of 41×60 cm (16.1×23.6 in). It has 10 quick-swap platens covering a print area from 5×15 cm (6×6 in) to 41×60 cm (16×24 in). Moreover, it also comes with a shoe platen.


Sealed cartridges deliver better ink flows than bulk ink, meaning less cleaning and more production time. When you’re ready to run, the maintenance routine takes only five minutes of following the steps on display.

This DTG machine keeps data logs so that the support team can remotely diagnose problems. It stores the detailed archives of your print counts so that you can track your maintenance intervals.

Printer Dimensions:

The overall dimension of Texjet Echo 2 is 1280mm x 750mm x 458 mm and weighs 95kg(204 lbs).


The Texjet Echo 2 comes with 3-year limited warranty with 1-year on the printhead.


Document: Texjet Echo 2 Download

9. Polyprint Texjet Shortee 2:

Polyprint Texjet Shortee- DTG printer for beginners

  • Price: $10090.79
  • Ink Cost:  Not available
  • Suitable for: Small scale/entry-level/home-based printing business

Polyprint Texjet Shortee 2 is a compact direct-to-garment printer suitable for entry-level printers/start-ups. You can print cotton t-shirts/garments, light-colored polyester, cotton/poly blends, linen, viscose, leather, canvas, denim, and more.

Number of Colors:

Shortee 2 has a piezo-electric print head with 8 channels, 180 nozzles per channel.  You can print lights, darks, or both. Polyprint Texjet Shortee 2 comes with a CMYK +4White color configuration for dark and light substrates and 2x CMYK for only light garments without white ink. Moreover, it comes with refillable bulk ink cartridges, which reduces your long-term costs.

Further, it comes with seven different-sized platens (15×15 cm/5.9×5.9 into 30×45 cm/ 11.8×17.7 in) to expand your personalized clothing portfolio.

Print Speed:

You can print on 20 dark and 45 white customized t-shirts with a 25×20 cm (10 x 8 inch) design, at 720 x 720 dpi CMYK and 1440 x 720 dpi white color 2 hours.

Maximum Print Area:

TexJet shortee 2 covers a maximum print area of 30×45 cm (11.8 by 17.7 inches). It is best for small-to-medium runs with excellent quality and quick returns.


A newbie in dtg printing won’t be aware of the maintenance process. The Polyprint Textjet Shortee 2 automatically displays your maintenance routine steps so that you are ready to run with no downtime. Moreover, leave the shortee² idle for up to 30 days without ink clogging or wastage.

Printer Dimensions:

The overall dimension of the printer is 100x670x425 mm (43(L)x26(W)x17(H) in). The small-size printer easily fits into your small apparel shop, spare room, or garage. It easily loads into your car and easy to carry for tradeshows. Moreover, it weighs 150 lbs (68kg).


Polyprint provides a 3-year warranty on Texjet Shortee 2 with a 1-year warranty on the print head.


Documents: Polyprint Texjet Shortee 2 pdf download

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10. Freejet 330tx plus:

FreeJet 330TX Plus DTG printing machine

Freejet 330tx plus is a white & dark garment printing machine. It comes with adjustable platens for hats, regular adults, 2-up adults, youth, sleeve, and infant. It is a versatile DTG printing machine for custom t-shirts, hoodies, hats, towels, mousepads, jeans, polo shirts, and more. The DTG machine uses Direct Rip Technology and Gamut Plus Inks for high-resolution prints of 5760 DPI on light and dark-colored garments. Moreover, Freejet 330tx plus has received the product of the year award of 2020 from SGIA.

Number of Colors:

It has direct-to-garment inkjet printing technology that uses 8 ink channels(CMYK + 4 White) or (CMYK, CMYK) color configuration. With 180 nozzles per channel.

Print Speed:

Generally, Freejet 330tx plus can print a light-colored garment in bi/uni-directional with a 10×10 image within 45 seconds at 1440×720 resolution. However, the actual print speed may vary depending on size, design, and type of garment used for print.

Maximum Print Area:

The Freejet 330tx plus attains a maximum print area of 12.75″ x 22.5″ while achieving the maximum print resolution of 5760×1440 DPI. Further, you can easily print on 100% cotton,100% polyester, and cotton/polyester blends.


It has a wet cap no-clog maintenance system. Further, it allows a bulk ink system that allows you to purchase inks in bulk bottles. As a result, it reduces your ink cost per liter by over 50%. With a high-flow bulk ink system, it saves your printing cost while achieving high-resolution prints.

Printer Dimensions:

The overall dimension of the printer is 640mm x 1065mm x 460 mm, and its weight is 150 lbs.


The Freejet 330tx plus has a 2-year warranty on the printer and 1 year on the print head.


Toll-Free: (855) 373-3538

Unsure About Which Direct to Garment Printer To Buy? Here is the best guide:

Choose a DTG Printer based on your business volume:

For High Business volume:

If you are apparel printer who mainly work as B2B, then you offer mass customization services. The production requirements range from 90 to 150 pieces per hour. Moreover, it involves a high volume business that employs 20+ staff. Some of the notable direct to garment printers for large volume production are M&R Maverick, Brother GTXpro B, Epson f2100, etc.

Besides getting a new DTG equipment, you have two options. Either buy a used machine, or get it for lease.

Now, let us calculate and compare the costs, profits and losses involved in buying a new, used and getting a leased equipment. For, this; let us take Brother GTXpro B as a test calculation.

Print Speed:

The speed requirements vary with demand. If your demand volume is limited to 20 prints per day, then Polyprint Texjet Shortee 2 is one of the compact printers that can suffice your need.

Printer cost:

Cost of owning a new printer: $24,500(The price may vary)

Monthly Cost of leasing the dtg printer: $799. Total leasing cost for 1-year: $799 * 12 = $9588

Cost of owning a used DTG printer: $19,000.00

ROI Targets:

Required estimated production for the initial year: 4000 prints

Estimated selling price per garments: $12.75

Total revenue: $12.75 * 4000 = $51000

Net revenue after deducting leased printer cost = $51000 – $9,588 = $41,412. For 10 years: $95,880(Around 3 times the current cost of new dtg equipment)

Net revenue after deducting used printer cost = $51000 – $19,000.00 = $32,000

Net revenue after deducting new printer cost: $51000 – $24,500 = $26,500

Thus, we conclude from the test sample that leasing a dtg machine results lower overheads and higher net revenue compared to buying a new equipment on the initial year of business.


To summarize, if you are starting a dtg printing business, leasing would be the most profitable option. It helps you make more money and ROI and enough resources to make a progress for the next year. Moreover, buying a new dtg t shirt printer after two or three years of the business if going to save you from huge revenue losses involved in leasing for a longer time. Furthermore, buying a used dtg machine won’t help you much in profits, rather incur greater maintenance costs than buying a new equipment in the long run.

For low business volume:

If your target is to print within 10 shirts per day in the initial year, then:

Target prints per year: 1500

Total revenue priced at $12.75 per customized t-shirt = 1500* 12.75 = $19125

Net revenue after deducting leased printer cost = $19125- $9,588 = $9,537. For 10 years: $95,880(Around 3 times the current cost of new dtg equipment)

Net revenue after deducting used printer cost = $19125- $19,000.00 = $125

Net revenue after deducting new printer cost: $19125- $24,500 = – $5,375(Loss)


Thus we summarize that, small print shops will be at loss if they prefer buying a new garment printer at the beginning year of their sale. Hence, getting a leased equipment is the cost-efficient option. Thus, we recommend you must consider buying a new direct-to-garment equipment after three successful years of profitable business in the printing industry.

Unfamiliar With DTG Printing Process : Follow these 05 Simple Steps:



Many people search for the best dtg shirt printer near me. Therefore, if you have a large-scale custom printing business, go with Coldesi DTG G4. The Polyprint Texjet Shortee 2 is compact and easy to carry, perfect for home-based/entry-level dtg print shops. However, it all depends upon your printing requirements and budget to select the right printer.

Related Questions:

Which is the dtg printer under $1000?

Among the reputed manufacturers of DTG printer, the price of Ricoh Ri100 which is the lowest; is around $2,000. It is small and only CMYK though no white ink.

What are the Epson printers for DTG?

The SureColor F2100(CMYK + White) and F3070 are the two most demanding DTG Printers from Epson. The former is designed for small to medium scales production requirement while the later is mostly designed for high-color digital printing.

Which is the best dtg printer for small business?

When you are looking for best dtg printer for small business, it will be a an entry-level printer. Therefore, Polyprint Texjet Shortee 2 is entry level machines for small businesses.

Where can you buy the dtg printer under $500?

You won’t get a new dtg printer under $500, as nobody sales at such a low price. However, you may look for a second-hand buy from craglist, digitsmith, eBay or from a known seller.

How to get the dtg printer for sale?

Digitsmith is the best online platform where you can find a number of second hand machinery for sale at affordable prices even under $1000. The mostly available resale stock are Brother GTX, Kornit, Epson, Omni Freejet, etc.

What are the dtg printer brands/company?

The popular dtg printer brands/company are M&R, Brother, Ricoh, Epson, Coldesi,  Polyprint and Freejet.

Which is the best DTG printer for home/entry-level/small business?

If you are a small business/entry-level printer/home-based, go with Polyprint Texjet Shortee 2. It is highly portable, easy to use to begin DTG printing on light-colored/dark garments. Its price is $4,899.00.

What is the standard temperature and humidity for Direct-to-garment(DTG) printer?

During operation, the standard temperature of the environment should be within a range of 65°F(18°C) – 86°F(36°C) and humidity in the range of 35% – 85%. In standby conditions, the temperature should be 50°F(10°C) to 95°F(35°C) and humidity within 20% – 85%.

How many grams of the pre-treat solution to use for lightweight black tees?

It is generally recommended to use 21 to 23 mL pre-treat solution for a 40x60cm area. A good quality weave-like ring-spun will not require above 25-26 mL of pretreatment.

How to clean dtg printer heads?

To clean dtg printer heads at home, you need a cotton swab, distilled water, and rubbing alcohol. The swab should be dipped in the rubbing alcohol and rubbed against the surface of the printer head. Next, dip the swab in the distilled water and wipe it over the surface of the printer head. This will help remove any dried ink and dust. Once this is done, make sure to dry the printer head with a clean, dry cloth.

How to use direct to garment printer?

To use the dtg printer, start by uploading your design onto the printer. Place the garment on the platen, which is the flat surface of the machine. There are two rollers that will help keep the garment in place. Connect the USB cable to the computer and the printer. The printer will automatically connect to the computer. Turn on the printing machine and you are ready to print. You can adjust the height of the platen to accommodate different sizes of garments. This machine is great for beginners because it is easy to use and affordable.

Can you rent to own dtg printer?

Yes, you can rent to own dtg printer. The rented price starts from $1.00 a day. For the first 3 months, there is no cost for the printer. After 3 months, the renter will have to pay $5.00 a day for the printer. The printer will be rented to the renter for the duration of the contract. Most importantly, the leasing price and period may with contractors.

Can you finance printer for DTG business?

Yes, you can finance printer for direct-to-garment printing business up to 60 months.

Where to repair DTG printer?

To repair dtg printers, you need to contact the distributor/manufacturer of the machine. Because most direct to garment printer components are proprietary to that machine. If you have issues related to core parts, the related manufacturer may be able to help you.

Are dtg printers worth it?

Yes, dtg printers are worth buying. It prints directly onto a garment. This type of printer is used for promotional shirts, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. Direct-to-garment printers are typically small and lightweight, which makes them easy to transport. This type of printer is capable of printing high-quality graphics and text. Direct-to-garment printers have a very quick turnaround time, which is beneficial for short-term promotions. The cost of direct-to-garment printers can be pricey, but they do save money in the long run.

Is there a minimum order for dtg printing?

DTG printing has no minimums. You receive a print file, put a t-shirt onto the platen and the printer does rest of the job. You can print individual or bulk orders, you would have no wastages. Unlike screen printing that needs to create a stencil and unless you print bulk orders, it results wastage and losses for small orders.

Which is the best garment printer for hoodies?

Epson F2100 garment printer is perfect for printing hoodies. It uses Precision Core printhead technology to achieve shape print resolutions up to 1440 dpi. Additionally, it is extremely useful for achieving sharp text and line art prints.

Where to buy Epson dtg printer?

You can buy Epson direct to garment printer directly from its official website. “”. The F-Series SureColor printers are the epson garment printer from Epson. Some of the popular Epson dtg printers are Epson SureColor F2100 and Epson F3070.

Where to sell direct to garment printer?

You can sell direct to garment printer in eBay or Craigslist. You can also list your to contact sellers at DigitSmith.

What is direct to shirt printer head?

The direct to shirt printer head is the part of the printer that is responsible for laying down the ink onto garments. It’s important to change the printer head when it starts to wear out and starts to affect the quality of the print.

What digital garment printer are compatible with Epson ink?

Epson ink is compatible with reputed digital garment printers such as Mimaki, Anajet Sprint , Freejet 330TX/500TX/700TX, Melco G2 & G3, Neoflex 4880, Texjet Echo/Shortee/Plus , and Katana.

What is wide format DTG printer?

Wide format dtg printer is a commercial printer that is designed to print multiple garments at the same time. One such printer is DTG M6 industrial direct to garment printer. It has 3 sets of 4-2-1 platens that allows printing 3 oversized garments, 6 standard sized and 12 smaller garments.

DTG printer vs heat press:

The dtg printing machine is a compact and portable printing machine that is able to print onto clothes and other fabric materials. The printer is designed to print on a variety of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and nylon. The machine can print on many different types of fabrics without any limitations. It also has a maximum print area of 12×24 inches. The dtg printer is also very fast and is able to print up to 150 sq ft per hour. The heat press is a machine that transfers the ink onto a substrate under the application of heat and pressure. It can be used to press designs onto fabric, wood, or even metal. The heat press can be used to create various designs on fabric.

Written by Leandro Rivas

Leandro Rivas is a direct-to-garment printing expert with over 7 years of experience in the field. He has since become an expert in direct-to-garment printing, utilizing his creativity and technical expertise to create unique and eye-catching designs on a wide range of clothing items. He runs several t-shirt customization stores across California, where he works with clients to create custom designs that perfectly match their style and vision.

In addition to his work in the fashion industry, Leandro is also an active member of his community. He frequently volunteers at local schools and community centers, sharing his love of art and design with young people and inspiring them to pursue their passions.

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