How to Keep White Ink Flowing in DTG Printer?

How to Keep White Ink Flowing in DTG Printer?

White ink uses heavy pigments that need to stir or move from time to time to keep it flowing. DTG printers are not meant for occasional use, and you might as well not get a new head unless you are prepared to run it very frequently. You may get good nozzle checks for ink with settled white pigments, not solid white-looking ink.

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4 Important Tips to Keep White Ink Flowing in DTG Printer:

From shaking white ink bottles to printing daily, you should refer to these four methods to keep your white ink flowing in the DTG printer.

1. Print Daily to Prevent White Ink from Clogging:

Most DTG printer machines require you to print daily to keep out of the printhead clogging issues. If you keep it idle for a few days, you would have to flush out & refill the ink with a cleaning solution to keep the heads from clogging. Moreover, printing once a week may be enough when you wet the cap but depending on your humidity.

If you bought a new printer and faced such issues, you can ask someone with the same printhead to be compatible with your model. Alternatively, you can contact your local seller.

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2. Instead, Print on Paper:

It is necessary to move the white ink through the printhead every day. You can print large CMYK squares on paper when it is a non-production day.

You are wasting your ink everyday printing on paper. But when the printhead fails, it costs you even more for the replacement. Don’t skip the shaking and rolling of inks every day.

3. Keep the Capping Station Wet:

The capping station should be wet, especially when the humidity is low in the environment.

If your machine does not have this provision, take the extra step to keep the heads moist in the parked position.

4. Replace White ink with Cartridge cleaner:

While the other way can be installing the cleaning cartridge solution in place of the white ink when it doesn’t have a print job, this will prevent the ink from settling and finally clogging the print head.

Moreover, you have to remove the cartridge cleaning fluid with the white ink when you resume your print job.

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