Sublimation on 11 oz. Coffee Mug | Step By Step Guide

Sublimation on 11 oz. Coffee Mug | Step By Step Guide

We will go through the step-by-step tutorial for customizing on 11 oz. sublimation coffee mug. Despite the 11oz. and 15 oz. mugs being of different sizes, both of them have the same sublimation printing process as long as you have the right equipment.

Coffee mugs are the most popular sublimation product in the market. It is affordable, easy to market, and has a practical style and purpose. So it should come as no surprise that the coffee mugs are popular with hobbyists and experts.

List of Equipment You Need for Sublimation on Coffee Mugs:

To make coffee mug sublimation, you’ll need the following equipment:

  • Sublimation Printer with sublimation transfer paper
  • Design Software
  • Heat-resistant tape
  • Mug Press: You have many options to select the mug press. The economy model which is the MPress is a single-size machine. It is capable of pressing 11 oz. mugs only. When you go pressing various mug sizes, you can go with Cricut. It allows you to press 11-16 oz mugs.

Step by Step Procedure for Sublimation Printing of 11 oz. Coffee Mug:

Let us begin by customizing an 11 oz coffee mug.

1. Design:

Open your design software and create a new document with canvas size with mug’s imprint dimensions. most 11 oz. mugs are sized at 8.5(width) x 3.6(height) inches. However, if you increase the height to 4 inches, it gives a full top to the bottom cover of the design on your mug.

If you are using Creative studio, you can use the general template for 11-ounce mugs. You can use the Grid option that creates the area where you exactly place the design on the mug. After you upload the image and place it exactly in the grid area, adjust its size. you can also access the 3D preview of how your mug will look when customized. Lastly, do not forget to mirror the image before you save and print it out.

Finally, save your project and print the design with a sublimation printer.

2. Trim and Wrap:

After your design is printed, trim around it past the bleed lines.

Now, it is time to wrap throughout the mug. The printed side faces towards the mug.

You also want to center your transfer evenly around the handle of the mug pasting this on the left and right edges.

3. Ready to Print:

Now the mug is ready to go into the mug press. To sublimate ceramic mugs, the temperature of the mug press should be 400 F, which we will press for three minutes.

You have to be careful while applying the pressure, as it may likely break the mug. After printing is done, allow the mug to cool down

Lastly, you are ready to peel off the transfer and your sublimated mug is ready.

Final Words:

The sublimation mug is the best promotional product and gift item for corporates, events, and celebrations. It is affordable, easy to customize, faster to print, and mostly available in print shops.

Most importantly, sublimation becomes the easiest way to achieve a permanent image on ceramic surfaces to create high-quality saleable products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to test and choose the best sublimation mug?

To test for the best sublimation mug, boil the sublimated mug in water with a dishwasher agent for an hour. If the print does not bleed, distort or fade, then it is the best sublimation mug you should choose.

How long should you heat sublimation coffee mugs in a convection oven with Cactus wraps?

Heat the sublimation coffee mugs with Cactus wraps at a temperature of 350-400 F for 15 minutes. Assure that the image is firmly tight around the mug.

What can be the reason why mugs do not sublimate properly?

The reasons why mugs do not sublimate properly are as follows:

  • The print area under the heat press is either overheating or under heating. Not according to the standard guidelines of the specific mugs.
  • Uneven pressure
  • Longer preheating – Longer pre-heating leads to a hot surface which starts sublimation before the printed transfer is in the proper place. It may cause faded prints.
  • Maybe it is tapered at the bottom of the mug
  • Designs are not clear
  • You have printed on the wrong side of the transfer paper
  • Cheap quality mugs

What are the reason and solutions for the blue bleeding problem in sublimation mugs?

The reasons and solutions for the blue bleeding problem after sublimation printing of mugs are as follows:

  • To get accurate colors, you calibrate your monitor and printer
  • Ensure that you open the heat press gently after you heat press so that it does not shift the item too much.
  • Check for the correct color profile of sublimation inks
  • There may be something wrong with the paper or heat press time and temperature.
  • Perform the nozzle check. The issue may be due to deflection or overspray of ink.
  • Try head cleaning procedures of sublimation printer

What causes coffee mug sublimation prints to bleed after being put into the dishwasher?

The bleeding of sublimation prints on coffee mugs, when put into the dishwasher, is due to poor quality coffee mugs. These have a softer polymer coating and that becomes quite obvious when the coffee mugs are sunk into hot water fairly an extensive time.

The coating hardness is fairly determined by the curing time when the mugs are coated during the manufacturing process. Additionally, the 2-part resin component used for the coating must be mixed properly.

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