08 Best Navy Blue Shirt Matching Pant (Pics)

Top 07 Color Pants That Match a Navy Blue Shirt

Are you looking for the best navy blue shirt matching pant? Which is the best navy blue shirt combination pant?

When it comes to nailing your stylish look, nothing beats the combo of navy blue t-shirt and matching pants. It strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and comfort.

Now, you might be wondering, what goes with a navy blue shirt? Well we have the most curated options for you. Whether you aim to sharp a professional look, or a laid-back casual vibe, the versatile outfit can get you covered. But what color pants suit a blue shirt best? Are you pondering what color pants to pair with that trusty navy blue shirt? The following pants best to go with blue shirt

The list of navy blue shirt matching pant are as follows:

  • White pants
  • Black pants
  • Grey Pants
  • Khaki Pants
  • Denim Jeans
  • Brown Pants
  • Dark Mustard Pants
  • Cargo Pants

What color matches with navy blue?

The color that perfectly matches with navy blue is crisp white. It gives a clean and radiant look.

Moreover, navy blue with shades of bright yellow gives a bold and eye-catching look. For an earthly tone, navy blue paired with olive green or camel brown. provide a grounded and sophisticated contrast.

Further more, blush pink or light lavender with navy blue brings a delicate and feminine touch.

Additionally, navy blue has a diverse color palette to compliment. Thus, making it versatile for various styles and occasion.

A navy blue shirt is a good option because it goes with different color pants/jeans/cargos to pair with it. But there are some simple guidelines to follow. First, a black belt will work with a navy blue shirt, as will a navy blue belt. A pair of khaki pants is a good option for a more casual look. For a more formal outfit, a pair of dark grey or black slacks would work well.

Top 08 Navy Blue Shirt Matching Pants:

The best matching pant with navy blue shirt are as follow:

1. White Pant with Navy Blue Shirt:

White Pants with Navy Blue Shirt

White pants and navy blue shirt is perfect for the office or any other casual event. The navy blue shirt is a great match for the white pants and can be worn to work or with a pair of sandals on the weekend. The shirt is also a good way to show off your style with a unique pattern.

In fact, They are perfect for your summer days and will match any of your favorite tops. Moreover, white pants are perfect work pant. These stretchy pants are the most comfortable and flattering white pants you’ll ever wear. With a flattering high waist and wide leg, these pants are perfect for any occasion. They’re durable, comfortable, and look great. They’ll match any navy blue shirt.

The blue shirt white pants combination are easy to pair with other pieces in your wardrobe. They will look great with a variety of shirts and tops.

2. Navy Blue Shirt with Black Pants:

Navy blue shirt with black pants

The dark blue with black pants combination is the hallmark of sophisticated fashion. The style statement redefines a perfect outfit for a number of occasions.

Rich hue of navy blue shirt which complements the sharp and classic look of black pants, makes it flawless.

Whether it is a formal business meeting, casual gathering, it strikes a perfect balance between professionalism and chic fashion.

Moreover, the dark blue shirt black pants creates a sleek and monochromatic effect. It is an absolute choice for anyone who looks for a polished look.

3. Grey Pants with Navy Blue Shirt:

Grey Pants with Navy Blue Shirt

You can never go wrong with a classic look. These gray pants with navy blue shirt are perfect for any occasion. The gray pants have a subtle pinstripe design and a flattering fit that are perfect for the office or a night out. The navy blue shirt is long sleeved and the perfect shade of blue to go with any of your other outfits.

Soft, and durable fabric that feels comfortable to wear. Pants with elastic waist bands makes them more comfortable to wear. They should have a straight leg that is not too tight looks trendy. Along with well-sized, and the zipper and button fly closure are strong.

4. Navy Blue Shirt with Khaki Pants:

Khaki Pants with Navy Blue Shirt

The navy blue and khaki outfits makes it an elegant, yet rugged look. Whether you’re looking for a business casual outfit or a casual day at the office, this look is the perfect way to look your best.

They are the perfect addition to any wardrobe for any occasion. The pants are soft and durable, the shirt is breathable and stylish, and the tie will add a splash of color to any outfit. The pants are also easy to care for and are a great buy for the price.

When you need to look professional but want to stay comfortable, the perfect look is a khaki pant with a navy blue shirt. The khaki pant is great for all occasions, whether you’re at work or out on the town. The navy blue shirt is also perfect for work, or for a more casual look, pair it with a polo or t-shirt.

5. Denim Jeans with Navy Blue Shirt:

Denim Jeans with Navy Blue Shirt

The modern gentleman can now look as stylish as ever with these Denim Jeans with Navy Blue Shirt. Looking for a professional, yet casual outfit? They are the perfect shade of blue to match with a navy blue shirt. This outfit is a classic combination that will never go out of style.

Your stylish, yet rugged look is complete with these blue jeans and navy blue shirt. These jeans are made of 100% cotton, giving them a comfortable feel that’s easy to move in. The slim, tapered leg gives them a stylish look that will pair well with any shoe. The navy blue shirt especially made of a cotton-polyester blend that is soft, breathable and luster. You can wear this shirt has a button-down front and is long enough to wear tucked in or untucked.

6. Brown Pants with Navy Blue Shirt:

Brown Pants with Navy Blue Shirt

Does a navy blue shirt go with brown pants? No one will tell you that it’s easy to find a comfortable and stylish pair of brown pants. The secret is to find the right fit for your body type. These navy blue shirt with brown pants have a slim fit that make them the perfect choice for anyone who wants to feel good in their clothes.

These have a comfortable waistband that is just right for any occasion. You’ll be able to wear these pants to work, or to a casual dinner with friends. With these brown pants, you’ll never have to worry about how you look.

7. Dark Mustard Pants with Navy Blue Shirt:

Dark Mustard Pants with Navy Blue Shirt


The dark mustard pants are a chic addition to any wardrobe. They are a sleek pair of pants that can be dressed up or down. Pair these pants with a navy blue shirt for a nice, easy going look.

Perfect for the boardroom, the dark mustard pants are a staple for any professional’s wardrobe. The dark mustard pants have a more formal look and are great for pairing with a navy blue shirt.

The dark mustard color is a modern take on the classic khaki. The design is meant to be formal, so the trousers have a flat front with a button and zipper closure. They also have two side slant pockets, two back pockets, and a 1.5 inch wide belt loop. The pants are long enough to be worn with a dress shoe, and the waistband is at the natural waist. They are made of a cotton blend, and they come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large.

Moreover, With a deep navy blue color, these pants are perfect for a fall or winter day. With a zipper fly and button closure, these pants are easy to put on and take off.

8. Cargo Pants with Navy Blue Shirt:

Cargo Pants with Navy Blue Shirt

Wear the sleek, slimming navy blue shirt with a pair of cargo pants to dress up your everyday look. The blue shirt is the perfect pop of color to make your look pop. This is a good outfit for anyone who is looking for a relaxed and casual look. The Cargo Pants are perfect for those who want to keep their options open with pockets and room to move. When you want to make a statement, these Cargo Pants with Navy Blue Shirt are the perfect choice.

With a fitted waist and wide leg, these pants are a comfortable and stylish option for both men and women. Pair them with a button-down shirt for a day at the office or wear them with a button-down shirt and blazer for a more formal occasion. The Navy Blue Shirt will help you look professional and put together. The perfect fit and a great color make this a must-have.

Moreover, the navy blue shirt is a versatile piece that can be worn with a variety of bottoms and looks great with a white belt. The cargo pants are great for those who want to be stylish but still practical.

Final Words:

Navy blue is a very popular color, and it won’t be hard to find the perfect color of pants to match. If you’re looking for a dark navy blue, then a dark pair of jeans will work.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a lighter navy blue, then khakis or dress pants are a good option. If you’re looking for a casual navy blue, then a pair of jeans or khakis will work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to wear with blue pants?

To wear with blue pants, these 07 outfit combinations are ideal to create an absolute style statement:

  1. Crisp white shirt/Striped or patterned/Casual graphic tee
  2. Navy blue blazer
  3. Light grey sweater
  4. Denim jacket
  5. Maroon accents
  6. Black turtleneck
  7. Printed top for women

What to wear with navy blue shirt female?

To wear with navy blue shirt female, most stylish options are as follows:

  1. White jeans or trousers
  2. Patterned skirt/Pencil skirt
  3. Denim jeans
  4. Beige trousers
  5. Cropped trousers
  6. Printed scarf
  7. Eye-catching jewelry
  8. Blazer or Cardigan

What color shirt with blue pants?

The color shirt with blue pants are as follows:

  1. Crisp White Shirt
  2. Light Blue Shirt
  3. Black Shirt
  4. Denim Shirt
  5. Navy Blue Shirt
  6. Neutral Tones
  7. Burgundy or Maroon Shirt
  8. Striped or Patterned Shirt
  9. Pastel Shirt
  10. Printed Shirt

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