How to Do Sublimation on Glass?

How to Do Sublimation on Glass

We can efficiently perform sublimation on circular or rectangular tempered glass of any size. We use tempered glass because it is tough to withstand high temperature and pressure under the heat press. The tempered glass has an opaque white back and is very reflective.

Most importantly, your image/graphic should not be mirrored instead of what we usually do for other sublimation blanks. Because sublimation is going to be at the back of the glass, not at the front. Besides glass, you can also sublimate on aluminum, acrylic, and wood.

Materials Required:

The items needed to sublimate on glass are as follows:

  1. Printed transfer
  2. Glass substrate
  3. Heat tape
  4. Teflon sheet
  5. Sublimation printer
  6. Heat press machine

Easy Steps for Sublimation on Glass:

The step by step procedure on how to perform sublimation on glass are as follows:

Step 1:

Apply the printed transfer to the glass and fix it with heat-resistant tape. To quickly line up the glass with the transfer, you should have at least 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch bleed in the transfer.

Step 2:

It is time to heat press. Put a Teflon sheet at the bottom that protects the lower platen of heat press from wear and tear.

Step 3:

Next, put the heat-resistant pad above the Teflon sheet, mostly the Nomex pad is used. Moreover, the Nomex pad is available in two sizes i.e. 14″ x 16″ & 16″ x 20″. These are felt pads made from thick rubber that helps with pressing for the application of even pressure. Mostly, we use such rubber pads for sublimation on glass or ceramics.

Step 4:

Place the parchment paper to protect the felt pad to not get any ink on it.

Step 5:

Again, place the transfer below and then the glass on the top of the transfer. So we are sublimating through the front to the back. It helps you see the sublimation print if it is finished or not by looking at it through the glass.

Step 6:

Put a Teflon sheet over the top and apply the heat press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit at 3:30 minutes. That is to say, the temperature required to sublimate glass is 400 degrees Fahrenheit for a time of 3:30 minutes under medium to firm pressure. You can use a swing-away or a clamp-down heat press.

Step 7:

When you have the heat press, release the upper platen and remove the arrangement slowly, one after another. Remove the transfer from the back of the glass. Be careful because these can be very hot. The glass is going to stay hot for quite a while. Better use safety gloves.

Let it cool. Finally, you are successful done with sublimation on glass.


Besides glass plates, you can also sublimate on glass mugs and bottles using thermal tape to cover the design area with transfer and use the mug press.

Lastly, you can efficiently perform sublimation on glass and ceramic candle holders, gifts, mason jars and more with the steps we discussed above.

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