30 Most Useful 3D Printed Objects for Home

30 Most Useful 3D Printed Objects for Home

Before a decade, you could download movies, music, books but you couldn’t download things, To some 3D printed objects are just a basic item or still science fiction and nothing more than a novelty, but 3D printing is a natural evolution. In fact, from tools and toys to jewelry, race cars, or 3d printed gadgets, even the human organs or the model of your unborn child, 3D printing is an emerging technology; not fiction. Once used as an industrial application, 3D printing has gone mainstream with its reach in small businesses.  Today you can wander into a 3D printing store and take home your own 3D printer price starting at $300.

What is 3D printing? 3D printing is defined as when a digital design or a 3D model is virtual and it turns into a real physical model with a printing machine.

How 3D Printing Works? | 3D Printing Process

Primarily, the 3D printing technology works in just three simple steps.

  1. Create/download a 3D CAD design
  2. Slicing
  3. Printing

Step 1: Create/Download a 3D design

The 3D digital CAD model is a must and the starting point for any 3D printing process. You can create this digital model using various 3D design software like Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk AutoCAD, MeshLab, etc. Or you can download the digital blueprints for items from websites like Thingiverse, Pinshape, GrabCAD, YouMagine, etc to get practical 3D prints. Lastly, generate the “.stl file” for the slicing software.

Step 2: Slicing

Once the 3D blueprint is ready, it is sliced to edit the layers, tool path, temperature, color, etc thereby converting the design into a file i.e. “gcode file” readable by the 3D printer. This process can be done with any of the 3D slicing software such as Cura, IdeaMaker, Simplify 3D, MakerWare, etc.

Step 3: Printing

Finally, the 3D printer will print this file layer using the materials like plastics, metals, ceramics, sand, etc given as an input to the 3D printer.

Moreover, there are a number of different types of 3D printing technologies that are routinely used for industrial prototyping, medical applications, production applications, research, biomaterials, and different types of food.

Home 3D Printer:

The home 3D printer allows anyone to design and create 3D models on a small scale. The best 3D printer for home is Creality Ender 3. It is affordable, priced around $200. It is easy to use and produces high-quality 3D prints.

Further, you can just put your design file on the SD card into the hobbyist/home 3d printer slot, press the switch to ‘start’ and the printer starts drawing onto a plastic board to get your ideas to life. The home 3D printer only works with plastic and only prints items small than a shoebox. It can be used to create architectural models, bottle openers, iPhone cases, key or cable holders, cogs and dice, etc.

From kitchen cabinet door handle to fan duct of air conditioner, you can download thousands of items for free. When you are used to shopping in Walmart or some store, you are gonna buy it instead of thinking “should I make that?”.

But, with 3D printing, when you can make anything, there are seemingly no boundaries.

Top 30 3D Printed Objects for Daily Use:

3D printing has not only for industrial use in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, or biomedical engineering, it has also a huge number of applications as our daily use products or things to 3d print and sell. The 3d printed accessories are not only limited to our homes but also opens up opportunities to sell custom-made items to sell in shops both online and offline. So, let us get down to the list of coolest 3d printed objects below.

1. Plant vase:

Plant vases or flower pots are decorative items for homes, rooftops, balcony or kitchen gardens. Although we buy them, we have a limited set of choices.

With 3D printing, you can customize flowers vases, make two-part designs, in the shape of a pot or container. You can give this as a gift or sell it online on Etsy.

2. Puzzle:

You can make your entire puzzle game or make unique pieces like a board, dots, jigsaws, etc. instead of buying from the market.

3. Mechanical Planetarium:

The planetarium is a beautiful 3D model of our solar system, used as a decorative or 3d printing idea for students as an educational product.

You can also print and sell it on eBay or Etsy at a good price.

4. Tea Lights:

If you are a little bit skillful in 3D designing and sculpting, you can make amazing tea lights that give out beautiful shadows and lighting combinations for your room.

You can definitely take a photograph or selfies or sell it.

5. Mini Sanding Block:

Everyone needs a sanding block. With 3D printing, you can make the exact size of the sanding block such as small, medium, or large suitable for your job. It is largely popular among hobbyists and could be sold online easily.

6. Camera Clamp:

The camera clamp with a manipulated arm is one of the most searched items for holding cameras steady or take selfies.

You can easily customize clamps for a particular camera size, mobiles phones, or iPads, which you cannot buy in Walmart or a local store.

7. Under Desk Drawer:

Little tiny hidden drawers to keep tweezers, nail clippers, brushes, secret cameras, or any personal item that can fit right below your desk. You can make strong drawers and spray paint that looks cool.

8. Gaming accessory:

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry. You can make tons of accessories such as game controllers, joystick, etc. You can make these to sell or make for yourself for gifts.

9. LED Lamp:

Making laser-cut 3D printed LED lights are useful as a household item and a popular selling product. You can print and sell them functions to restaurants, offices, or events.

10. Combination Lock:

Combinations locks are a cute little gift you can present to your loved ones. it shows how tightly you can weave something and create a really cool product.

11. Lens Cap Holder:

Almost everyone loses their lens cap. This lens cap holder is something that you can do all types of designs, put brands and names and customize it.

12. Game Dice Holder:

Game dice holder is one of the amazing 3d printed gaming accessories popular among kids and youngsters. Everyone at home plays dungeons & dragons, and a game dice holder is a cool way to store your dice.

13. Cord Clamp:

Everyone has cables that are hard to manage. The cord clamp acts as a cable organizer which is simply a one-piece design that you can print. You can sell those as a pack on your online store.

14. Slim Wallet:

Slim or designer wallets are very popular. It is fashionable, lightweight, and easy to carry.

15. QTip Holder:

A little cool dispenser to store makeup, cotton swabs in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc.

15. Plant Holder:

Everyone at home or office needs a plant next to them and what’s better than carrying those into a plant holder. You can also hang it out in the air.

16. Drilling tools holder:

Drilling tools are great for DIY finishing work. It is also one of the great 3d printing projects for engineers. This little tool holder is invaluable to keep all your drilling tools in place.

17. Phone Holder:

You can 3D print a two-part design to hold your phone. You can use it for iPad or iPhone, or card holder, or any way you would like.

18. SD Card Holder:

You can print SD cardholders with different colors or you can just spray paint after you are done with p3D printing. You can also sell them online or offline.

19. Gadget Storage Nox:

sometimes you have small gadgets or little things you don’t know where to keep it. You can get a 3D print gadget storage box or container to keep a specific device, gadget, or tool.

20. Photo Stand:

You can print a cool photo stand with varying sides and armatures to accommodate various photo sizes.

21. Table Gift:

As the name suggests, table gifts are usually given as gifts. It can be a photo stand, spoon stand, flower stand, or random 3D object. This is something that you would definitely want to explore to use or sell in your gift shop.

22. Cable Organizer:

The cable organizer is adaptable to the finishing industry. You can use it for the specific cable issue inside your house.

23. Gift Box:

Create 3D gift boxes at home is a great item to gift items of any size. You can also use it as a shipping package or sell custom gift and packaging boxes.

24. Nuts and bolts:

You can make your own nuts, bolts, or toolset for any crafting work, without struggling to find the right size running from one store to another.

You can also make a store selling metric tools and nuts made from carbon fibers.

25. Bottle opener:

A bottle opener is essential to remove metal bottle caps or cork from alcohol bottles. You can easily make 3D printed bottle openers for home or shop.

26. Wallet:

The wallet is essential to keeps credit cards, pills keys, or small items that get misplaced easily. You can make a two-part design like and orange and black together.

27. Pen or pencil holder:

Make a stylish pen or pencil stand at home with 3D printing. You can create to use it in homes or sell online.

28. Tube Holder:

A tube holder is used to holding toothpaste or squeeze them.

29. Card Deck Shuffler:

Card shuffler is a fun item because it helps you shuffle your cards. You can 3D print a two-color combination shuffle card which looks cool.

30. Can holder:

Can holder for refrigerators is one of the most important items we need for daily use.  You can make different compartments for different storage like juices, cokes, beers, etc. With 3D printing, you can customize to make smaller and bigger can holders for your kitchen or refrigerator.


3D printing is developing day by day as this technology continues to penetrate widely across industrial and consumer sectors.

Today 3D printing has made our lives easier by personalizing and creating products at home using a small 3D printer. The greatest advantage is that it needs our least dependency on products made in factories.

Written by Shawn Hara

Shawn Hara is a highly skilled 3D printing expert with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He is known for his expertise in all aspects of 3D printing, from software design to hardware optimization. He is passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest advances in the field and has been involved in several groundbreaking projects that have pushed the boundaries of what is possible with 3D printing.

In his free time, Shawn enjoys playing basketball and spending time with his family. He is an avid reader and loves to travel, taking inspiration from the diverse cultures and environments he encounters on his adventures.

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