4 Easy Steps To Sublimate The Bottom Of A Mug

4 Easy Steps To Sublimate The Bottom Of A Mug

You want to sublimate the outer bottom of a mug with a logo or text. You have two options.

  1. Use a digital mug bottom heat press available in Amazon or BestSub
  2. Or get a swing-away heat press(if you already have it).

But it can’t be overlooked if your mug isn’t coated with the polymer at the bottom, which is necessary for sublimation printing. Otherwise, your print will likely have a faded appearance at first and hardly last longer with repeated washes.

Alternatively, you can go for laser transfer for non-coated bottoms. If not, we have four ways to deal with decorating mug bottoms easily.

4 Methods to Sublimate The Bottom Of A Mug:

A swing-away heat press machine is the most suitable to sublimate the bottom of the mug, So let us get started:

1. Sublimate Mug Underside with Swing Away Heat Press:

This is the first step you can try sublimation at the bottom of a mug. Place swing upper platen over the mug. Do not apply it directly; instead, use a felt pad on the bottom to protect the rubber on the lower platen.

Then apply heat and pressure for 4-5 minutes by holding down the upper lid of the swing away on the transfer. Then lift it, and you are done with the print.

2. Use Heat Shrink Bag to Sublimate The Bottom Of A Mug:

Shrink bags are right to transfer prints onto hard items that are a bit differently shaped. Like the mug bottoms in this case. Follow this procedure to get it done

  1. You have a cup and a printed transfer. Tape the print with thermal tape onto the bottom of the coffee mug.
  2. Next, you are gonna put it in the heat shrink bag. Properly wrap it and keep this in an oven(regular conventional oven). Under the heat, the bag automatically shrinks and holds mug tightly. Keep the temperature at 174 °F for 10 minutes.
  3. Alright, when the time is up, take off the shrink wrap from the oven and peel it off when it is hot because it is easy to remove. Beware of using safety gloves.

Finally, you are done.

3. Digital Mug Buttom Heat Press:

Digital mug bottom heat press is specialized heat press equipment intended to press the outside bottom of the mug.

Its constructions involve a plate attachment covered with a small pad. Overall it works as a heating element that fits in the diameter of mug bottoms. The pad isn’t too large that easily goes into the mug bottom. However, it may limit the size of the artwork if you want to print some larger images on the mug bottoms.

Moreover, it comes with a control box to adjust pressure and temperature smoothly.

4. Laser Transfer for Non-coated Bottoms:

As discussed earlier, the mug bottom should have a polymer coating to be suitable for sublimation printing. Therefore, laser transfers are best for decorating non-coated surfaces.

More to say, sublimating the mug bottom is time-consuming since the bottom is usually used for branding. It is suitable to use water-resistant labels, and they last a very long time. The print easily sustains several washes. And the label doesn’t fade or peel away. Overall, those mugs with the label on the last over a year or more.

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