How to Do Sublimation Printing on Vapor Apparel T-shirt?

How to Do Sublimation Printing on Vapor Apparel T-shirt?

Vapor Apparel is the best t-shirt blank that is simply wonderful for sublimation printing. The best thing about Vapor Apparel is it is 100% polyester but feels more like and breath like cotton. It means the sublimation shirts feel soft and comfortable. Moreover, it wicks away moisture in about 15 minutes and does not need ironing.

If we compare Vapor Apparel with the Hanes SoftLink t-shirt, Vapor unbelievably beats the latter. It produces bold, bright, and sharp prints, while the Hanes t-shirt, although it has a polyester layer, does not produce images as dense as Vapor Apparel.

Another significant advantage of Vapor Apparel is that you dye-sub on various colors. So far, we have been limited to a sublimation printing on white. But with Vapor Apparel shirts, you can print on black, blue, yellow, pink-colored apparel.

Sublimation Tips and Tricks:

Before starting with the printing instructions, you must follow the tips and tricks below to improve sublimation printing quality. They are as follows:

1. ICC Profiles:

To achieve the best quality prints in dye sublimation printing, you need ICC colors profiles that will match your printer, sublimation transfer paper, and the t-shirt(here Vapor Apparel). It is best to get it configured before you buy a printer. All distributors will have a color profile for it.

2. Sublimation Time, Temperature, and Pressure Settings:

All substrates have unique heat press settings. As we are printing on Vapor Apparel t-shirts, the recommended settings are:

  • Temperature for heat press: 385F
  • Time for heat press: 45 seconds
  • Pressure: Very light pressure

Moreover, it would be best to use a pad underneath the garment. Use protective paper. That will prevent the garment from burning and scorching from direct heat.

Vapor Apparel Sublimation Printing Instructions:

Before we start the printing process, ensure to have the following material list at your place.

Sublimation Material List:

  • Image: Print the image on sublimation transfer paper.
  • Lint roller
  • T-shirt: Vapor Apparel T-shirt
  • Sublimation Printer: Epson Stylus Pro 4880 would be ideal for high-quality prints. Else you can use any good inkjet printer for better images.
  • Sublimation ink: You can use Epson sublimation ink or Artanium UV+ ink. Ensure to use ink that is compatible with your printer. You can contact your distributor for more information.
  • Sublimation Paper: ImageClip is a laser transfer paper, while DuraCotton is an inkjet transfer paper. You can get the one suitable for you.
  • Teflon pad or Vapor foam: The whole purpose of Teflon pad is to prevent creating a shadow image on the other side of the shirt when we press with the ink.
  • Protective paper/butcher paper: Butcher paper is recommended to use a small press or print on a small area.
  • Heat resistant tape
  • Heat Press Machine: Swing away heat press is preferable.


Step 1:

Print your image/design from the sublimation printer. Mirror the image before printing. Ensure you are printing on a transfer paper(discussed above). Not a regular paper. Most importantly, never cut the unprinted areas of paper to exactly the image size. Keep 1-inch of blank space from the print area of the paper on all edges because we use it to tape the transfer paper during heat press to prevent ghosting.

Step 2:

Before we start printing, place a piece of Teflon pad or Vapor foam with the Teflon sheet within the shirt. It separates the front and back area of the shirt. While you perform this step, ensure the shirt is loaded onto the heat press.

Step 3:

Apply a lint roller on the top of the t-shirt to remove any lint on dirt because lint may ruin the transfer.

Step 4

Cover the shirt with a sheet of protective paper. Pre-press the print area of the shirt for a few seconds to remove any excess moisture. The print area also becomes flat and wrinkle-free.

Step 5:

Once you finish the pre-press, run the lint roller one more time before printing. Grab the print image and place it on the shirt with the print side down. Align the image to place it exactly on the area where you want to print. Use heat resistant tape to keep it fixed. It prevents ghosting. Finally, place the protective paper on top.

Step 6:

Heat press the garment. Follow sublimation time, temperature and pressure settings we discussed above.

Step 7:

Slowly remove the transfer paper. Get it a few minutes to cool. Finally we are done with sublimation printing on Vapor Apparel t-shirt.

Top 5 Vapor Apparel T-shirt Wholesalers or Distributors:

The Vapor Apparel t-shirt wholesalers and distributors are as follows:

1. Conde:

Price: Starts from $5.5 per t-shirt

  • One of the largest suppliers of Vapor Apparel sublimation t-shirt blanks.
  • Other Vapor Apparel fabrics include blank polyester waterproof fabric, performance mesh fabric, poly fleece fabric, etc.

Company Location: Alabama, La Mirada(California), Rhode Island

Free shipping: Free shipping on 48 US states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii,

2. Colman & Company:

Price: starts from $2.68 per t-shirt. Varies with size, age, and order quantity

  • Stocks complete line of Vapor Apparel for men, women,youth and toddlers.
  • T-shirt ideal for sublimation, white toner transfers, heat transfer vinyl and screenprinting. T-shirts have moisture-wicking properties.
  • Available colors are Ash Heather, Alpine Spruce, Blizzard Blue, November White, Sand Black, White, etc

Company Location : Tampa(Florida), Clearwater(Florida)

Shipping: Free shipping available in USA

3. Johnson Plastics Plus:

Price: Starts from $10 per t-shirt

  • Wholesale supplier of Vapor Apparel basic tee for youth and toddlers and adult hoodies.
  • Available size range from Small to 4XL.
  • Available colors are Alpine Spruce, Blizzard Blue, November White, Sand Black, White, Steel.

Company locations:Burnsville, MN, Findlay, OH and Reno, NV locations

4. Coastal Business Suppliers:

Price: starts from $5.5 per shirt

  • Wholesale supplier of Vapor apparel for youth, men ,women and toddlers.
  • Besides solar sublimation performance short and long sleeve t-shirts, Vapor Apparel facemask and socks are sold.

Company location: Headquartered in Charleston, Massachusetts

5. Sepsgraphics:

Price: starts from $6 per shirt

  • Wholesale supplier of Vapor apparel tees for men, women and kids.
  • The 100% polyester apparel is suitable for sublimation printing and screen printing.
  • Besides t-shirts, it sells arm sleeve, zipper, bandanas, hoodies, etc.

Company location: Birmingham, Alabama, United States

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) and Related Questions:

What are Vapor Apparel shirts made of?

Vapor Apparel shirts are made of polyester and cotton, which makes them comfortable and breathable. The material is also designed to wick away moisture, which means that you can wear your shirt in any weather without feeling uncomfortable. Vapor Apparel shirts are also designed to resist wrinkles, which means that you can pack them in your suitcase without worrying about creases.

What are the alternatives of Vapor Apparel?

The best alternatives of Vapor Apparel are Gildan 42000 and Jerzees 21M.

What shirts are best for sublimation printing?

100% polyester shirts are best for sublimation printing. The material is thin and breathable so the ink doesn’t crack or peel. The material is also wrinkle-resistant so the ink doesn’t rub off when the shirt is washed. The ink can be set to any color so it can be matched to any design.

Can you sublimate on moisture-wicking shirts?

Yes, you can sublimate on moisture-wicking shirts. You can sublimate on moisture-wicking shirts because they are designed to be moisture-wicking. The material is designed to move moisture away from the body, so it will not have a negative effect on the sublimation process.

What fabric is used for sublimation printing?

Polyester is a good choice for sublimation printing because it is easy to dye and won’t fade as quickly as cotton.

What are sublimation shirts?

Sublimation shirts are made of a durable polyester and polyester blend, and they are printed with vibrant, full-color designs. The design is printed onto the shirt by sublimation, which involves using heat to transfer the design onto the shirt. This process creates an everlasting design that will never peel or fade.

Which Gildan shirts are polyester?

Gildan 42000 and Gildan 42400 are 100% polyester shirts.

Can you use 50/50 sublimation shirts?

The 50/50 sublimation shirts are good for having a one-stop shop for all of their promotional items. They are perfect for schools, companies, sports teams, and more. They are perfect for long-lasting events or even just one day.

Why is my sublimation so dark?

If the design is dark, it will take more heat to transfer it to the shirt. This means that it will burn at a higher temperature, and for a longer period of time. This will cause the design to be darker than if it were a light design.

Final words:

Sublimation prints are durable when it does not crack, ghosting, blurry prints, banding across images, etc. Vapor Apparel is known for its comfort irrespective of the temperature is hot or cold. In addition, it is one of the best apparel for sublimation printing.

If you a print shop follow the steps above to sell custom decorated casual t-shirt.

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